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Whole Home Energy Monitor -
This is a project for a energy tracker that monitors the whole house. It uses the YHDC SCT-013-000 current sensor. The project uses the YHDC SCT-013-000 clamp on current sensor to read the current on the mains line. Then it is read by a ADS1115 16bit Analog-to-digital converter. I went with the ADS1115 because it not only provides excellent resolution, the gain is configurable and has a better input range than the ESP8266's max volt of 1 on the analog input. It took some time figuring out how to read the current using the ADS1115 but eventually got it with pretty accurate results.  energy  monitor  diy  homeautomation 
18 hours ago by cyberchucktx
MNT Reform: DIY Portable Computer
For a long time, I wanted a portable personal computer which you can…
Repair by yourself with parts from the hardware store or 3D printing
Thoroughly understand on any level
Take apart, modify and upgrade without regret
Adapt to your tastes and use cases, staying with you for many years
In Summer/Autumn 2017 I teamed up with industrial designer Ana Dantas to make this machine happen. Three months later, I can type this article on the first prototype of Reform, our DIY portable computer.
diy  computer  linux  electronics  hacking 
yesterday by ssorc

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