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Photos: The finds of the Rooswijk shipwreck on display in Ramsgate – The Isle Of Thanet News
Rooswijk finds Photo Brian Whitehead These are some of the finds that have been on display at the final workshop in Ramsgate to allow people to explore the…
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Rooswijk Shipwreck Excavation Summer 2018 | Historic England
This summer, a team of archaeologists will dive, excavate and record the wreck site of Dutch East India Company vessel the Rooswijk . During the excavation,…
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Risky Thailand cave rescue relied on talent, luck—and on sticking to the rules • Ars Technica
Chris Peterman is a professional diver with 16 years' experience, and understands the dangers of cave diving; he nearly died once, as he recounts, and so can explain the challenges that the Thai football team faced:
<p>Cave diving has five rules. These sum up the hard-won wisdom of the cave-diving community, as conducted through the analysis of cave-diving accidents and fatalities. Though the exact wording of each will differ from instructor to instructor, the rules are:

• Be well-trained and do not dive beyond your certification level<br />• Never use more than one third of your breathing gas to enter the cave—reserve one third for exiting and one third for emergencies<br />• Maintain a physical guideline back to the cave entrance at all times<br />• Never dive below the appropriate depth for your breathing gas mixture<br />• Carry at least three lights per person—one main and two back-ups

Since these rules were introduced in the late 1970s (first as only three rules, later expanding to five), fatalities per number of dives have dropped among the cave-diving community. Today, the largest segment of fatalities in underwater caves comes not from certified cave divers but from divers not specifically trained by a professional cave instructor to be in that environment.

The first of these rules is therefore simple, and one that I broke badly: never dive beyond your certification level.</p>

Rock climbing has similarly made itself safer and safer though the accretion of experience and technology, though it doesn't have rules in quite the same way.
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