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Is AI an asset to hiring, or will it bring us down a sinkhole of algorithmic bias?
"In the aftermath of Amazon abandoning its AI hiring initiative, AI for HR remains a volatile topic. This fall, Montage issued fresh data on AI in HR. My exchange with Kurt Heikkinen, President and CEO of Montage, brought the debate into focus."
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2 days ago by jonerp
The “I’m No Different” Paradox - Entrepreneur Quarterly (EQ)
Examples of how the angel and VC investing community and the larger startup community generally fails to consider products fit to minority markets, or even presuming that a minority business must be a non-profit. And often nonprofit's boards lack minority representation.
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4 days ago by jeromekatz
Procter & Gamble acquires Walker & Company, Tristan Walker will remain as CEO | TechCrunch
Walker & Company Brands, a startup making health and beauty products for people of color, has been acquired by consumer giant Procter & Gamble.
The company was founded five years ago by Tristan Walker, who previously led business development for Foursquare, and who aimed to create products that would better serve the needs of people of color with coarse or curly hair. Walker & Co. started out with its Bevel shaving products for men, then launched Form, a collection of hair products for women.
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RT : Would you go 'blind' in your recruitment processes to reduce bias and increase diversity?

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Corey Anthony reflects on what’s possible through #ATTERG18
Senior VP of Human Resources and Chief Diversity Officer Corey Anthony reflects on his learnings through the 2018 AT&T Employee Resource Group Conference.
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4 days ago by TMP

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