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jCenter is the new default repository used with Android's gradle plugin, I haven... | Hacker News
I am a developer Advocate with JFrog, the company behind Bintray.

So, jcenter is a Java repository in Bintray (https://bintray.com/bintray/jcenter), which is the largest repo in the world for Java and Android OSS libraries, packages and components. All the content is served over a CDN, with a secure https connection. JCenter is the default repository in Groovy Grape
(http://groovy.codehaus.org/Grape), built-in in Gradle (the jcenter() repository) and very easy to configure in every other build tool (maybe except Maven) and will become even easer very soon.

Bintray has a different approach to package identification than the legacy Maven Central. We don't rely on self-issued key-pairs (which can be generated to represent anyone, actually and never verified in Maven Central). Instead, similar to GitHub, Bintray gives a strong personal identity to any contributed library.

If you really need to get your package to Maven Central (for supporting legacy tools) you can do it from Bintray as well, in a click of a button or even automatically.
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1 hour ago by jm
Fullstaq Ruby: Ruby, optimized for production
A new Ruby distribution for production environments. Less memory, faster, more secure, fully open source, based on MRI.
ruby  docker  memory  distribution  linux 
yesterday by bitboxer
Online Retail Provider Shopify Adds Fulfillment Service - WSJ
E-commerce specialist’s move into physical services is aimed at helping sellers compete with Amazon’s expanding logistics and distribution capabilities
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4 days ago by areadevelopment
Instagram Adds Option to Link to Instagram Stories, Expands Stories Promote Tool | Social Media Today
This is an interesting one - Instagram looks to be rolling out a new option which would enable users to share a direct link back to an Instagram Story, providing a new way to boost Stories awareness and engagement.
stories  linking  distribution 
5 days ago by paulbradshaw
AppImage | Linux apps that run anywhere
Linux apps that run anywhere

"As a user, I want to download an application from the original author, and run it on my Linux desktop system just like I would do with a Windows or Mac application."
"As an application author, I want to provide packages for Linux desktop systems, without the need to get it 'into' a distribution and without having to build for gazillions of different distributions."
software  apps  linux  packaging  distribution 
6 days ago by RBarnard
The Gift of News: Phatic News Sharing on Social Media for Social Cohesion: Journalism Studies: Vol 0, No 0
Growing interest with the practice of sharing news stories through social media has driven a move in scholarship away from the “news” aspect and towards the “sharing” aspect. As more news is distributed using social media, its use as social glue becomes increasingly significant. Accordingly, this paper places news sharing in the sociological tradition of gift-giving studies, viewing it as a manifestation of care, above and beyond the informational utility of a shared news item. This paper uses data from focus groups of 88 people who routinely share news on social media, and a survey of 2,000 news sharers. The intention is to complement existing studies of the sociality of news sharing by offering an account of the interplay between the who, why and what of news sharing which places it in the relational realm of gifts given and received as a mechanism to demonstrate care and contribute to social cohesion. It proposes the concept of phatic news sharing to account for this emerging use.
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7 days ago by paulbradshaw

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