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Dissenting Experience
‘Dissenting Experience’ is a research group originally set up in 2012 by Michael Davies (Liverpool), Anne Dunan-Page (Aix-Marseille) and Joel Halcomb (University of East Anglia). Our main interests lie in the history and literature of the Baptist, Congregational, and Presbyterian Churches in Britain across the early modern period (c.1500–c.1800). We also support research into other Puritan and Dissenting individuals and groups, including Quakers and Civil War radicals. We bring together historians, specialists of literature, of theology, but also librarians and archivists to reflect on the use of Puritan and Dissenting archives.
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Andrea Dworkin's legacy
"Dworkin showed foresight in other ways. She defended Monica Lewinsky when the young woman was being treated like a joke, and she was unsparing in her disgust for Bill Clinton. She was intersectional before the word was coined. The “closely interwoven fabric of oppression” in America, she wrote in “Woman Hating,” meant that “wherever one stood, it was with at least one foot heavy on the belly of another human being.”"
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Sarah Leonard, "Graceland," Dissent Magazine
Marilynne Robinson's latest essay collection What Are We Doing Here? reveals the limits of her restrained metaphysics.
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january 2019 by briansholis
skepticism of the SRG has proved to be well founded. Since it was established, the group has expanded into a nearly 800-officer unit that handles protests along with much more mundane policing tasks such as ticketing and animal rescue. (Even Bratton once noted that the SRG had “multiple missions.”) Indeed, in October 2015, an activist spotted members of the SRG policing homeless people in the subways. When the activist confronted one officer and said he thought the unit was supposed to be handling terrorism and protests, the officer said, “That’s not what we’re here for.” In January 2016, a reporter from the New York Times described SRG officers saving a kitten trapped underneath a car on Ocean Parkway in Brooklyn. A few months later, the unit was deployed with bloodhounds to hunt down a Black 16-year-old boy who escaped police custody after an arrest for turnstile jumping. By September 2018, even SRG officers themselves complained about mission creep: Whistleblowers from the unit complained to the New York Post that their bosses pressured them to meet ticket quotas. “We feel that we’re not as sharp on our tactics,” one officer said, “because they are pulling us away from tactical training to grab numbers.”
militarization  police-state  dissent 
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