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New Drone 'Cockpits' Aim to Make Remote Warfare Feel More Real - Motherboard
"[The] most significant change will come with the Block 50 control station, which features six 24-inch touchscreen displays for each operator. The three topmost screens, arranged side-by-side, display the drone's own camera feed, giving the pilot a view that's more than three times wider than that of older control stations.

Additionally, the main joystick for steering the drone using the Block 50 platform more closely matches the models found in manned fighter jets, though as a backup for extremely long missions, General Atomics added a Playstation-style controller that's easier to hold for hours on end. A drone pilot can switch between controllers, depending on whether realism or endurance poses a greater challenge at the time.

"They’ve made the controls and displays more advanced technologically as well as ergonomically better and along with some other human-factors-engineering angles," Strawser said. "In short, the so-called 'cockpits' look, feel, and function better than they did a few years ago.""
hci  warfare  drone  platform  control  display  interface  controlsurface  cockpit 
4 days ago by danhon
AT 101: Understanding Laptop Displays & How We Test Them
For a while now we've been wanting to do some more fundamentals-driven articles – an introduction to various technologies for people who don't have 21 years of the computing industry crammed into their heads like we do – and given the importance of displays, this is a great place to start.
5 days ago by jasonsamuels
'showterm', to present your terminal code "live".
linux  Display  Presentation  code  Terminal 
6 days ago by lost_in_space
Google Innovations for Text and Across
Ads  Devices  Display  from twitter
7 days ago by jhill5
The current state of modal dialog accessibility | The Paciello Group – Your Accessibility Partner (WCAG 2.0/508 audits, VPAT, usability and accessible user experience)
“There is an issue with iOS Safari + VoiceOver where if an element is initially set to display: none;, even when updated to display: block; VoiceOver will not move focus to the element, even if focus is programmatically set. I’ve found to get around this bug, the CSS for dialogs should instead use visibility: hidden; for their inactive state, and visibility: visible;when they are displayed.”
voiceover  bugs  2018  accessibility  a11y  display  none 
7 days ago by handcoding
InkyPHAT: ePaper/eInk display for badges | Hackaday.io
My latest discovery (and purchase) is from the excellent folks at Pimoroni : the InkyPHAT tri-color EINK display. I bought the black/white/red version for around $20. As far as I can tell this product is only available via Pimoroni and took a few weeks to get shipped to me in Texas.
hackaday  project  eink  inkyphat  display  badge 
10 days ago by cyberchucktx
Luna Display by Astro HQ — Kickstarter
Astro HQ is raising funds for Luna Display on Kickstarter!

The only hardware solution that turns any iPad into a true, wireless second display.
ipad  display 
11 days ago by phatblat

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