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Common misconceptions about IPv6 security | Lobsters
The article is nothing new, but the comments (esp. about SLAAC) are revealing.
ipv6  lobsters  discussion  networking 
yesterday by mechazoidal
What are your best one-purpose tools? : bigseo
Hey lads, I was wondering, there are so many very basic tools out there that basically serve only one purpose. Even so, some of them can save you...
tools  discussion  search  marketing  keywords  webdev 
yesterday by cothrun
Want to make digital guitar effect pedals. Where do I start? : DSP
I study EE embedded systems and thought making guitar effect pedals would be a fun learning experience to improve both programming and signal...
effects  guitar  discussion  dsp  audio 
3 days ago by cothrun
programming using speech recognition : speechrecognition
if you want to use speech recognition to program on Linux, you have three choices:

Running Dragon NaturallySpeaking in a virtual machine e.g. using https://github.com/dictation-toolbox/aenea
Running http://voxhub.io/silvius, which is based on Kaldi, which runs natively on Linux
Using some dedicated hardware (called VoxCube in the video) that recognizes the user speech and sends the transcription to the target computer by emulating a USB keyboard (which means it is OS-ind...
programming  speech  recognition  discussion  video 
3 days ago by kybernetikos
Are there any good coding games that aren't just completing exercises? : learnpython
I'm looking for a game to practice Python. I'm currently using codewars, but doing exercises is getting tedious. Are there any games like Halite...
programming  games  discussion 
4 days ago by cothrun

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