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3 Things You Can Do To Help Your Child With Their Learning Disability
If your child has a learning disability, there are plenty of steps you can take to help them excel academically.
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yesterday by Adventure_Web
BBC - BBC Studios launches a new disability mentoring and training programme - Media Centre
Run by BBC Studios’ drama and comedy production departments, the programme is offering ten places to help with the development of disabled talent from across the creative industry, as well as supporting the career progression of disabled colleagues within BBC Studios.   It is available to both internal and external applicants and aims to ensure greater visibility as well as creating a natural pipeline of talent. It will be led by Oliver Kent, Head of Continuing Drama.
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16 days ago by paulbradshaw
Community of students with disabilities in tech
We help people with disabilities connect with inclusive employers in tech.
By 'disability', we include students with mental health, physical, chronic, neurological and other challenges. We trust your story — we don't ask for formal disability papers, and don't share this information with anyone.
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18 days ago by oliverw

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