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Taeyoon Choi on drawing, teaching, disability, and the difference between work and project – The Creative Independent
"I think the common mistake of a beginner teacher is giving too much: too much preparation and too much energy, too much love. They end up feeling burned out easily.

I try to limit how much I prepare and leave room for students to fill that. I’ve had good success with that recently. Also, I think teachers are often exhausted even before the class begins simply because of mental anxiety. Before class, I try to sleep well, eat a good meal, and be energetic.

Acknowledging that I’m not an expert always really helped me as well. I don’t have answers for many student questions, especially technical questions. Conceptual questions can be confusing too. Sometimes it’s good to say something like, “I don’t know, I’m sorry. Let’s look at it together.” This relieves a lot of burden from your shoulders.

I learn best when I see a teacher working on a problem. If you have a code problem, you’re stuck, and you have an error, what do you do? You open up Stack Overflow. How do you search it? How do you fix things? Learning how to work through a problem is way more important than doing it the “right way.” I try to teach the emotional roller coaster of coding, which is similar to the experience of working on art and having breakthrough moments.

There are many different kinds of teaching. It depends on context. For SFPC, we select students so that we can collaborate with them. The focus is finding and building a community we are excited about. When I teach elsewhere, sometimes it’s more technical and transactional. I think that’s fine; schools have different goals.

Lately I’m trying to focus on supporting future teachers. I think I’m quite good at helping people teach. I taught a class at NYU called “Teaching as Art” and want to do more of that.

I teach because I want to be a student. I still go to classes a lot. Right now I’m learning American Sign Language, which is completely changing everything. I also do yoga. My yoga teacher is an amazing teacher: very generous and supportive. My teacher also takes other teachers’ classes. I think reciprocity is about always learning and respecting another. That’s the only way you could actually offer something."
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yesterday by robertogreco
The Letter by MDJensen
D'Artagnan receives some news about his old regiment. Oneshot set a few months after Honest Songs.
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yesterday by the_other_sandy
None So Blind by Viridian5
After Sanzo is blinded, everyone sees things differently.
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yesterday by the_other_sandy
Some thoughts on autism - Rachael
For some people, "neurotypical" (or "allistic") means basically "Muggle". They imagine neurotypicals as this undifferentiated horde of sheeple who all like the same manufactured music and commercial fashion and can't think for themselves. Yes, there are a lot of people like that; but you don't have to be autistic to not be like that.
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5 days ago by pozorvlak
My greatest fear is a fantasy |
"Believing I’m lazy is a fantasy about being well."
8 days ago by ysabet

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