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RmEDir - Removes empty subdirectories from the specified directory
RmEDir is a small command line utility which allows you to remove all empty subdirectories from the specified directory.
software  freeware  empty  directories  delete  command_line 
10 weeks ago by kger
Newfoundland’s Grand Banks: genealogical and historical data.
[Contains much transcribed data from various sources covering Newfoundland and Labrador. Examples: telephone directories, voter’s lists, Crown land grants, parish records. Highly recommended.
Canada  Newfoundland  Labrador  Directories  Land  parish 
10 weeks ago by pbastew
Waterford County Library. Researching family history.
[Features searchable online databases such as trade directories, church records and more.]
Ireland  Waterford  Directories  Merchants  Church 
10 weeks ago by pbastew
Hayes, John. Failte Romhat.
[Transcriptions from census fragments, memorial inscriptions, directories, maps and more
Ireland  Monumental_inscriptions  Maps  Directories 
10 weeks ago by pbastew
21 Web Directories That Still Have Value in 2019
Do web directories still have value? Yes! Here are 21 web directories with real traffic that could translate into real value for your website.
directories  web 
11 weeks ago by hlennard

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