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Speech by FM Heiko Maas
“How can Europe hold its own in a world radicalised by nationalism, populism & chauvinism?”
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5 days ago by elijahz
Op-Ed Columnist: Donald Trump Is Not Playing by Your Rules
Those who lost faith in this order began to elect wolves in order to destroy it. The wolves — whether Donald Trump, Vladimir Putin, Viktor Orban, Rodrigo Duterte, Recep Tayyip Erdogan or any of the others — don’t so much have shared ideology as a shared mentality.

In the low-trust Trumpian worldview, values don’t matter; there are only interests. In the Trumpian worldview, friendship is just a con that other people try to pull on you before they screw you over. The low-trust style of politics is realism on steroids.

The episode illustrates that the core divide in our politics is no longer the conventional left-right divide. The core issue in our politics is over how we establish relationship. You can either organize relationship at a high level — based on friendship, shared values, loyalty and affection — or you can organize relationship at a low level, based on mutual selfish interest and a brutal, ends-justify-the-means mentality.

The grand project for those of us who believe in a high-level, civilized world order is to find ways to restore social trust. It is to find ways to restructure power — at all levels — in order to reinspire faith in the system. It is to find common projects — locally, globally and internationally — that diverse people can do together.
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7 days ago by craigryan
The Pressures Of Being An Interpreter At A High-Stakes Summit
"It was a seemingly minute detail. But in the context of these talks, the word 'verifying' meant that the Russians had unexpectedly sided with the U.S. on one point in the long-sought agreement. The discussion was on an Open Skies proposal, in which both sides could fly over each other's territory to verify compliance in arms control agreements. The Soviets and the Americans didn't agree on whose aircraft should be used for the inspections — the verifying party (the U.S.) or the verified party (the Soviet Union). Korchilov interpreted Gorbachev as saying: 'The aircraft to overfly territory for inspection purposes should be made available by the verifying party at the disposal of its crew.' 'At that moment I wished the earth could swallow me up,' Korchilov wrote in his 1997 memoir."
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