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πfs - the data-free filesystem! [look up your data in the number pi]
One of the properties that π is conjectured to have is that it is normal,
which is to say that its digits are all distributed evenly, with the
implication that it is a disjunctive sequence, meaning that all possible
finite sequences of digits will be present somewhere in it. If we consider
π in base 16 (hexadecimal) , it is trivial to see that if this conjecture
is true, then all possible finite files must exist within π. The first
record of this observation dates back to 2001.
From here, it is a small leap to see that if π contains all possible files,
why are we wasting exabytes of space storing those files, when we could just
look them up in π!
Every file that could possibly exist?
That's right! Every file you've ever created, or anyone else has created or
will create! Copyright infringement? It's just a few digits of π! They were
always there!
So I've looked up my bytes in π, but how do I remember where they are?
Well, you've obviously got to write them down somewhere; you could use a piece of
paper, but remember all that storage space we saved by moving our data into π? Why
don't we store our file locations there!?
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If you want your format adopted, make it work in a browser HT
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DTS (sound system) - Wikipedia ["Direct To Sound"]
DTS and Dolby Digital (AC-3), DTS's chief competitor in the cinema theatre and home theatre markets, are often compared because of their similarity in product goals, though Dolby believed that the surround channels should be diffused[clarification needed] and DTS said they should be directional.[citation needed] In theatrical installations, AC-3 audio is placed between sprocket holes on the 35 mm film itself, leaving the audio content susceptible to physical damage from film wear and mishandling. DTS audio is stored on a separate set of CD-ROM media, whose greater storage capacity affords the potential to deliver better audio fidelity and is not subject to the usual wear and damage suffered by the film print during the normal course of the movie's theatrical screening. Disregarding the separate CD-ROM assembly as a potential point of failure, the DTS audiopath is comparatively impervious to film degradation, unless the film-printed timecode is completely destroyed.
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