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yesterday by lenciel
The Digital Preservation Research Agenda • CLIR
(noted from Margaret Hedstrom about funding for digital preservation in the early 2000s)
digital  preservation 
2 days ago by edsu
Behind the McClatchy bankruptcy • A Life of Fiction
Peter Winter:
<p>From the start, not one online newspaper performed well enough to make the top 20 in digital share — in its own market.

Many say one of the reasons for the catastrophic collapse of newspapers is that, in their desperation for audience, they handed over their content to digital distributors. But the bigger reason was their willingness to hand over the customer relationship as well. It guaranteed they would thereafter be blind to what kind of news products and digital services their former subscriber-customers were craving.

Google won search. Facebook won social. Newspapers won nothing. The failure to build new digital media products, born on the web, is the singular failing of newspapers. It has led to the same financial horror story everywhere you look. Zombie newspapers staggering around without a plan, the death-throes of an industry going down.

By 2005, revenue growth was slowing quickly across the industry. Circulation declines were happening across the subscriber base now, and the loss of younger readers had picked up speed. Digital results offered no compensating relief, in audience or in revenue. Still [Tony] Ridder didn’t see it. At a private meeting in Dallas to discuss the formation of a national digital news network owned by newspapers, someone noticed that no company present owned a newspaper in Boston. “That’s not a problem,” said Ridder, ever the monopolist. “We’ll just flip a coin for it.” That’s all it would take. Thanks to the flip of a coin, someone in the room would own the digital future of Boston.</p>

And what a future it wasn't.
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2 days ago by charlesarthur
Redirecting to /digital-evangelism-blog/how-to-create-opportunities-for-prayer-in-the-digital-space
Even among the skeptical, there is a longing for someone to care enough to pray for us personally. Social media is a powerful tool for soliciting prayer requests and following up on those requests. Prayer can be just one “like,” comment, or message away.
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2 days ago by designerbrent
Shaping Europe's digital future
Today, the Commission unveils its ideas and actions for a digital transformation that works for all, reflecting the best of Europe: open, fair, diverse, democratic and confident. It presents a European society powered by digital solutions that put people first, opens up new opportunities for businesses, and boosts the development of trustworthy technology to foster an open and democratic society and a vibrant and sustainable economy. Digital is a key enabler to fighting climate change and achieving the green transition. The European data strategy and the policy options to ensure the human-centric development of Artificial Intelligence (AI) presented today are the first steps towards achieving these goals.
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3 days ago by sentinelle
RT : If one was looking for a consultant to help with identifying a model collection for a large organisa…
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4 days ago by BeckyFaith

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