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Easy Electric Cars: Tesla's Robotaxi network has been announced - How will it work?
Easy Electric Cars
During Tesla's autonomy day for investors on the 22nd April, Musk announced that he was confident there would be a network of Robotaxis up and running by the end of 2020. That sounds great, but investors are rightfully sceptical, resulting in a drop in TSLA stock. Elon Musk does have a tendency to set unlikely... Read the full story
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To reach a Robotaxi level of autonomy, cars are going to need to be at autonomy level 5. That’s the top of a series of 5 levels set by the NHTSA in the USA. Here are the different levels:
Level 0 – No autonomy.
Level 1 – Driver assistance, such as adaptive cruise control.
Level 2 – Functions such as automated acceleration and steering, but the driver must remain alert at all times. (Where many autonomous systems are now)
Level 3 – A driver is not necessary, but must be able to take control of the vehicle at all times. (Where Tesla is).
Level 4 – Capable of performing all driving functions under certain conditions. (That’s where Waymo operates).
Level 5 – All driver functions in all conditions, no driver needed.
Tesla  taxi  roboTaxi  needsEditing  questionable  self  driving  car  different  levels  level  of  autonomy 
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<a rel="nofollow" href="https://www.snapeplus.com">سناب بلس</a><br />
<a rel="nofollow" href="https://www.snapeplus.com">سناب بلس</a>
<p>لما المصري يكون عاوز يكسب |جيم نار🔥ببجي|pubg السلام عليكم ازيكم يا شباب عملين ايه يارب تكونوا بخير فديو جديد عن ببجي قيم بلاي وجبت 5 كيلات و كسبت الجيم… ببجي موبايل,ببجي,بوبجي,بابجي,ببجي العرب,ببجي سعودي,ببجي السعودية,ببجي سوريا,ببجي الخليج,ببجي مصر,هكر ببجي موبايل,نصائح ببجي موبايل,ابن سوريا,امعط,تحديات ببجي موبايل,PUBG,PUBG MOBILE,اقوى لاعب ببجي موبايل عربي,اللاعب الصنيني ببجي موبايلnAlan Walker,Sabrina Carpenter,Farruko,DJ Walkzz,K-391,House,Techno,Calma,Disney,pubg […]</p>
<p>The post <a rel="nofollow" href="https://www.snapeplus.com/%d9%84%d9%85%d8%a7-%d8%a7%d9%84%d9%85%d8%b5%d8%b1%d9%8a-%d9%8a%d9%83%d9%88%d9%86-%d8%b9%d8%a7%d9%88%d8%b2-%d9%8a%d9%83%d8%b3%d8%a8-%d8%ac%d9%8a%d9%85-%d9%86%d8%a7%d8%b1%f0%9f%94%a5%d8%a8%d8%a8%d8%ac/">لما المصري يكون عاوز يكسب |جيم نار🔥ببجي|pubg</a> appeared first on <a rel="nofollow" href="https://www.snapeplus.com">سناب بلس</a>.</p><img src="http://feeds.feedburner.com/~r/snapeplus/~4/Q3TgANBNpr4" height="1" width="1" alt=""/>
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Apple iPad Mini 5 (2019) Day One Review - Same, Same, But Different
I’ve been a convert to Apple’s iPad line of tablet devices with the launch of the astounding iPad Pro 2018 last year. Utilising the Pro daily as a MacBook replacement (but alongside my Mac Pro desktop computer), I’ve grown accustomed to the device family’s limitations and quirks – but also the impressive power under its...

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Apple  iPad  Mini  5  (2019)  Day  One  Review    Same  But  Different 
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Investing Tip #6: Use these 2 strategies to analyze stocks like the experts.
Justin Nielsen here. Thanks again for joining me for this workshop.
Every investor wants to find the best stock out there. But how do you know when you’ve found a winning stock? I combine two types of analysis to get the most complete picture of a stock.
Fundamental Analysis tells you which stocks to buy. Technical Analysis tells you when to buy them.
Fundamentals relate to companies; technical analysis relates to stocks.
Check out this short video that shows how you can use both to pick the best stocks at the right time.
Watch Video!<http://track.investors.com/t/gcH1AAebaBPET~QDX1qDF2fVTua02sXJBU9aaaaCNY7BOIXF2eaa?p=90928yA_z9x5~253Gz9x5~amp;Z=pWrvgqtlpaw~2504kyppksg.gkq~amp;h=g~amp;t=>
Step 1: Check a stock’s fundamentals.
The first kind of analysis I do with any stock is fundamental analysis. You’re basically looking at a stock’s underlying characteristics to make sure it has the traits that winners share. Think of it as doing a background check on a stock.
The Key Fundamentals: sales, earnings, profits and ROE.
Fundamentals include a company's quarterly and annual results, products and the markets it serves. Level of debt, employee costs, capital spending, and research and development costs are all fundamental. The most important fundamental numbers, according to the CAN SLIM Investing System<http://track.investors.com/t/gcH1AAebaBPET~QDX1qDF2fVTua02sXJBU9aaaaCNY7BOIXF2eaa?p=90928yA_z9x5~253Gz9x5~amp;Z=pWrvgqtlpaw~2504kyppksg.gkq~amp;h=h~amp;t=>, are earnings per share (EPS) increases<http://track.investors.com/t/gcH1AAebaBPET~QDX1qDF2fVTua02sXJBU9aaaaCNY7BOIXF2eaa?p=90928yA_z9x5~253Gz9x5~amp;Z=pWrvgqtlpaw~2504kyppksg.gkq~amp;h=i~amp;t=>, sales growth<http://track.investors.com/t/gcH1AAebaBPET~QDX1qDF2fVTua02sXJBU9aaaaCNY7BOIXF2eaa?p=90928yA_z9x5~253Gz9x5~amp;Z=pWrvgqtlpaw~2504kyppksg.gkq~amp;h=j~amp;t=>, profit margins<http://track.investors.com/t/gcH1AAebaBPET~QDX1qDF2fVTua02sXJBU9aaaaCNY7BOIXF2eaa?p=90928yA_z9x5~253Gz9x5~amp;Z=pWrvgqtlpaw~2504kyppksg.gkq~amp;h=k~amp;t=> and return on equity (ROE)<http://track.investors.com/t/gcH1AAebaBPET~QDX1qDF2fVTua02sXJBU9aaaaCNY7BOIXF2eaa?p=90928yA_z9x5~253Gz9x5~amp;Z=pWrvgqtlpaw~2504kyppksg.gkq~amp;h=l~amp;t=>.
Read more about the specific numbers that predict big jumps in stock prices.<http://track.investors.com/t/gcH1AAebaBPET~QDX1qDF2fVTua02sXJBU9aaaaCNY7BOIXF2eaa?p=90928yA_z9x5~253Gz9x5~amp;Z=pWrvgqtlpaw~2504kyppksg.gkq~amp;h=m~amp;t=>
Research a company’s fundamentals — including its story.
Before you buy any stock, you want to learn everything about the company. Research a company’s history and the products and/or services it sells, so you know why it would increase in value.
Pay particular attention to new products, services or management. Large stock moves are almost always driven by a compelling new product or service, or by new management that brings new ideas, or by new industry conditions that affect an entire industry group in a positive way.
Save time by reading charts with fundamental data included.
I do my stock research on MarketSmith because it includes all the fundamental data I’m looking for right there on the charts. Here’s what a weekly chart looks like—notice all the data right there? Sales and earnings going back 8 quarters, plus ROE and exclusive ratings like the Composite Rating<http://track.investors.com/t/gcH1AAebaBPET~QDX1qDF2fVTua02sXJBU9aaaaCNY7BOIXF2eaa?p=90928yA_z9x5~253Gz9x5~amp;Z=pWrvgqtlpaw~2504kyppksg.gkq~amp;h=n~amp;t=>.
The Composite Rating<http://track.investors.com/t/gcH1AAebaBPET~QDX1qDF2fVTua02sXJBU9aaaaCNY7BOIXF2eaa?p=90928yA_z9x5~253Gz9x5~amp;Z=pWrvgqtlpaw~2504kyppksg.gkq~amp;h=o~amp;t=> is fantastic because it crunches all the numbers and gives you a single number from 1-99 to show you how strong a stock is. See how this example stock has a Composite Rating of 99 in the picture? That tells you that it’s fundamentally stronger than 99% of all other stocks.
[What the lines and marks means.]
[Confirmed Uptrend]
Step 2: use Technical Analysis to analyze the stock’s chart.
Once you’ve identified a top stock based on its fundamentals, you’ll need to use technical analysis to determine the optimal time to buy it. This is the point when the stock stands the greatest chance of increasing in price soon and becoming a big winner. The best way to identify proper buy points is using stock charts.
Buy a stock when it’s breaking out of a base pattern on big volume.
A base pattern<http://track.investors.com/t/gcH1AAebaBPET~QDX1qDF2fVTua02sXJBU9aaaaCNY7BOIXF2eaa?p=90928yA_z9x5~253Gz9x5~amp;Z=pWrvgqtlpaw~2504kyppksg.gkq~amp;h=p~amp;t=> is when a stock is taking a “breather” and consolidating from a run up in price. This price consolidation pattern generally lasts around seven weeks but can last as long as 12 months. Stocks will then sometimes experience a breakout<http://track.investors.com/t/gcH1AAebaBPET~QDX1qDF2fVTua02sXJBU9aaaaCNY7BOIXF2eaa?p=90928yA_z9x5~253Gz9x5~amp;Z=pWrvgqtlpaw~2504kyppksg.gkq~amp;h=q~amp;t=> from a base where they run up in value in a relatively short time. That’s the ideal time to buy a stock: after it breaks out of a base pattern on high volume.
Every base pattern produces a buy point<http://track.investors.com/t/gcH1AAebaBPET~QDX1qDF2fVTua02sXJBU9aaaaCNY7BOIXF2eaa?p=90928yA_z9x5~253Gz9x5~amp;Z=pWrvgqtlpaw~2504kyppksg.gkq~amp;h=r~amp;t=> that you can use to time your trading—just buy the stock when it hits that price or is within +5% of it (we call that a buy zone).
Read more about specific base patterns that predict profitable stock price increases here.<http://track.investors.com/t/gcH1AAebaBPET~QDX1qDF2fVTua02sXJBU9aaaaCNY7BOIXF2eaa?p=90928yA_z9x5~253Gz9x5~amp;Z=pWrvgqtlpaw~2504kyppksg.gkq~amp;h=s~amp;t=>
Want the fundamental and technical analysis done for you?
I use MarketSmith all the time precisely because it does the analysis for you. The fundamental data is right there on every chart. The technical analysis is done for you thanks to the advanced algorithm known as Pattern Recognition. It’ll draw base patterns for you right on the charts, so all you have to do is hover over it and you’ll see an exact pivot (buy) point, no calculation required.
[What the lines and marks means.]
Isn’t technology amazing? Go ahead and take a trial to see for yourself how much easier it makes investing!<http://track.investors.com/t/gcH1AAebaBPET~QDX1qDF2fVTua02sXJBU9aaaaCNY7BOIXF2eaa?p=90928yA_z9x5~253Gz9x5~amp;Z=pWrvgqtlpaw~2504kyppksg.gkq~amp;h=t~amp;t=>
Tomorrow:  How  many  different  stocks  should  you  own?  How  many  shares  should  you  buy?  Learn  the  answers  in  Portfolio  Management  101. 
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