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No Thank You by Sarah1281
Summary: What if the Dursley family had taken the more practical route of treating Harry kindly in order to keep him away from magic? What if it worked? What if he wants nothing to do with the wizarding world and Dumbledore has to solve his own problems for once? || Fun! (The pairing is way in the background.)
fandom:harry-potter  ar  hogwarts-era  pairing:harry/hermione  c:dursleys  c:dumbledore  c:snape  c:other-characters  good!dursleys  different-schools  different-school!harry  manipulative!dumbledore  humor  general  interesting-voldemort-defeat  <6.000  rating:pg  author:sarah1281  estab-rel  status:complete  type:fanfiction  non-crossover  c:harry-potter 
september 2012 by csad
The Better Man (WIP) by Laume
Summary: Suppose the Marauders torture hadn't driven Snape to Voldemort and he had been the better man. What would the future have looked like? ||

Severus has his "aunts" McGonagall, Pince and Pomfrey to console him every time the headmaster backs up the Marauders. And probably because of this, Severus grows up to be the better man, not joining Voldemort as Dumbledore expects, instead becoming the best and youngest Potions Master, even becoming Harry's guardian, together with the Dursleys, who with an explanation of why Harry is there in the first place and with Snape's influence, grow to love Harry as much as Dudley. A wonderful story wherein Severus bonds with the Dursleys over Sirius Black's bullying ways, and Harry, Severus, the Dursleys - and Neville! - lead much more peaceful lives. Great characterisations, excellent story. Last updated: 07-30-11
fandom:harry-potter  ar  hogwarts-era  sorting-au  c:snape  c:dursleys  c:mcgonagall  c:pince  c:pomfrey  c:dumbledore  c:remus  c:sirius  c:malfoys  c:hermione-granger  c:neville  c:other-characters  different-schools  different-school!harry  durmstrang!draco  hufflepuff!dudley  hufflepuff!neville  ravenclaw!hermione  manipulative!dumbledore  mentor!snape  good!dursleys  wizard!dudley  bashing:marauders  general  family  drama  kidfic  <72.000  rating:pg-13  author:laume  status:wip  type:fanfiction  non-crossover  c:harry-potter 
march 2010 by csad

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<6.000  <72.000  ar  author:laume  author:sarah1281  bashing:marauders  c:dumbledore  c:dursleys  c:harry-potter  c:hermione-granger  c:malfoys  c:mcgonagall  c:neville  c:other-characters  c:pince  c:pomfrey  c:remus  c:sirius  c:snape  different-schools  drama  durmstrang!draco  estab-rel  family  fandom:harry-potter  general  good!dursleys  hogwarts-era  hufflepuff!dudley  hufflepuff!neville  humor  interesting-voldemort-defeat  kidfic  manipulative!dumbledore  mentor!snape  non-crossover  pairing:harry/hermione  rating:pg-13  rating:pg  ravenclaw!hermione  sorting-au  status:complete  status:wip  type:fanfiction  wizard!dudley 

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