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[Toybox] More than you really wanted to know about patch.
Rob goes over the messy history of patch, including git improvements
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yesterday by mechazoidal
Patience Diff Advantages - Bram Cohen's Journal
There's no coherent explanation of what the advantages of Patience Diff are, so I'll explain now. First, a quick overview of how Patience Diff works - Match the first lines of both if they're identical, then match the second, third, etc. until a pair doesn't match. Match the last lines of both if…
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3 days ago by jabbrwcky
Patience Diff, a brief summary - Alfedenzo
Last night I went to a coding party at a friend's house. I was on my laptop, and so didn't have any of my regular projects with me, so instead I spent some time figuring out some code for another person at the party. The code in question was the implementation of Patience Diff, a diffing algorithm…
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3 days ago by jabbrwcky
“Diff” an image using ImageMagick - Stack Overflow
My own favorites are these two:

compare image1 image2 -compose src diff.png
compare image1 image2 -compose src diff.pdf
The only difference between the 2 commands above: the first one shows the visual difference between the two images as a PNG file, the second one as a PDF.

The resulting diff file displays all pixels which are different in red color. The ones which are unchanged appear white.
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8 days ago by euler
graphical tool for merging and comparing text files
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13 days ago by azadag

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