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FOSS Tool, Verzeichnisse abgleichen, Python
linux  system  tool  diff  python 
14 days ago by birdofprey.ru
A python library that diffs json structures.
python  json  diff 
14 days ago by darkwater
JSON Diff - The semantic JSON compare tool
This web-based json diff tool works well, even if all of your json is on a single line.
json  diff  utilities 
14 days ago by darkwater
grodowski/undercover: Actionable code coverage - detects untested code blocks in recent changes

Like RuboCop but for code coverage

Inspects files in a git diff and warns on methods, classes and blocks which need test coverage. Use it locally or as part of an automated build to shorten your code coverage feedback loop!
ruby  coverage  git  diff  testing 
16 days ago by floehopper
mattphillips/deep-object-diff: Deep diffs two objects, including nested structures of arrays and objects, and returns the difference. ❄️
Deep diffs two objects, including nested structures of arrays and objects, and returns the difference. ❄️
diff  node.js  object  json 
22 days ago by nharbour

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