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The problem with inheriting from dict and list in Python - Trey Hunner
I’ve created dozens of Python Morsels since I started it last year.
At this point at least 10 of these exercises involve making a custom …
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5 weeks ago by Gr8whitenorth
ABBYY Lingvo Dictionary 1.7.1 MacOsX |百度网盘|rapidgator|nitroflare
Lingvo词典是俄罗斯著名的语言翻译软件。这个软件可以自建词库,作为翻译工作者来说,就可以把自己收集的词汇方便的加入用户词典中,可以提高我们的查词的效率。 这是一个很有特色的词典,理论上能够支持任意LSD格式的词库文件,也就是说,可以定制你自己的词库。 翻译功能:
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february 2019 by zhouke

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