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Test Double | Our Thinking | Remote Pairing with Tmate and Tmux
Here's the situation. You LOVE tmux, and you use it all the time to organize your terminal and create a workspace. You've created a new tmux session where you will do your work named funproject.
devops  ruby 
20 hours ago by muhh
Integrating your Rails project with GitLab review apps | kyrofa's blog
My first foray into software development when I was a kid was as a web developer. I don't admit this to many people, but the first language I ever learned halfway decently was PHP. I led a confused childhood. After that, though, I was introduced to Ruby on Rails, and I've been using it ever since.
20 hours ago by muhh
Ask HN: What's your biggest struggle with Microservices? | Hacker News
What were your biggest hurdles when first adopting microservices? Was it hard for your team to determine service boundaries? Did you struggle with developing and managing them?
architecture  microservices  deployment  devops 
21 hours ago by euler
Announcing Heroku ChatOps for Slack | Heroku
Having seen the benefits of Slack integration for managing our own apps, we wanted to make ChatOps easier to use and accessible to every dev team. Heroku ChatOps handles the complexity of user onboarding, authentication, and accountability between Slack & Heroku, and provides users with an intuitive slash command interface and curated Slack notifications to improve your team’s efficiency and transparency. Heroku ChatOps is easy to set up and works out of the box with just a simple click installation.
heroku  chatops  devops 
22 hours ago by tonious

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