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Envoy: C++ L7 proxy and communication bus
Envoy is an open source edge and service proxy, from the developers at Lyft

Pluggable filter architecture: Envoy allows filtering both at the network level (TCP/IP) as well as at the HTTP level. Filters can be chained together to perform complex tasks. New filters can be written to perform tasks not already supported.

Modern C++11 code base: Envoy is written in C++11, yielding both great performance and productivity.

HTTP L7 routing: Envoy supports advanced HTTP L7 routing primitives including redirection, virtual hosts, virtual clusters, matching on different request parameters, etc.

TLS: Envoy supports both TLS termination and initiation, client certificate verification, and certificate pinning.

gRPC: Envoy has first class support for Google's gRPC framework.

MongoDB: Envoy contains a full MongoDB wire format parser that is used to gather statistics about database connections.

DynamoDB: Envoy contains a full DynamoDB API parser that is used to gather statistics about database requests and responses.

Service discovery: Envoy supports multiple methods for service discovery including asynchronous DNS resolution as well as integration with an external service discovery service.

Health checking: Envoy is capable of active health checking of backend servers. Active health checking along with service discovery yields eventually consistent and extremely resilient load balancing.

Best in class observability: Envoy exposes a multitude of statistics to aid in system visibility and debugging as well as distributed tracing via thirdparty providers.
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Zero Tests and Testing in Production – The Isoblog.
Interesting notes on testing in production and more agile rollouts, enabled by monitoring
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My Setup™ · Jacob Bednarz
Since starting remote work I’ve spoken to many people who are interested in what the “ideal setup” looks like for others. Not only that, people are interested in applications and workflows that enable remote workers or provide a rough guideline what they should use when they get started.
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Ansible is Simple IT Automation
Ansible is designed around the way people work and the way people work together.
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