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Build DevOps Teams, Start Your Digital Transformation
"Within the team structures, relegating tasks in ways that better make use of team members’ experience is beneficial, PagerDuty’s Stratton said. Traditionally, for example, senior developers and engineers have often been in charge of developing new software features while the junior staff has been tasked with bug fixes. However, it is the senior team members who likely have the experience to better understand the entire system that fixes often require. “Maybe as a senior engineer it is not as interesting to troubleshoot,” Stratton said. “But having experience gives you that understanding of how the system is built.”
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44 minutes ago by jonerp
Google - Site Reliability Engineering
"Site Reliability Engineering: How Google Runs Production Systems"
Members of the SRE team explain how their engagement with the entire software lifecycle has enabled Google to build, deploy, monitor, and maintain some of the largest software systems in the world.
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1 hour ago by jojobong
How we do on-call at Monzo
A team of engineers are available 24/7/365 to respond when things go wrong. For other companies thinking about how to approach incidents, here’s how we do on-call at Monzo.
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5 hours ago by garrettc
The Shape of Code » Major players in evidence-based software engineering
"The business school researchers don’t get a mention because their data is often covered by a confidentiality agreement. The machine learning crowd are just embarrassing."
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6 hours ago by bitfragment
Azure DevOps Continuous Build/Deploy/Test with ASP.NET Core 2.2 Preview in One Hour - Scott Hanselman
I remembered that Azure DevOps (formerly VSTS) is out and offers free unlimited minutes for open source projects. I have no excuse for my sloppy builds and manual deploys. It also has unlimited free private repos, although I'm happy at GitHub and have no reason to move.
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14 hours ago by dstelow

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