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The Rise And Fall Of The Full Stack Developer | TechCrunch
By the late 2000s, it became possible for many programmers to deliver a complete consumer or SaaS site, including a dynamic web client, server-side business logic, a scalable database, deployment, and operational support. This new breed of full-stack developer could run circles around teams of programmers attempting the same task. When projects scaled up, adding more full-stack programmers allowed a single person to add a single feature across all the tiers of an application, which accelerated feature delivery over the communication overhead of having different people own the feature in each tier.
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yesterday by craniac
Webhook Tester
Easily test webhooks and HTTP requests with this handy tool that displays requests in realtime.

Easily test webhooks and HTTP requests with this handy tool that displays requests in realtime.

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yesterday by michaelfox
Effective Collaboration: You Don’t Need Superstar Developers
We want people to take care of each other. We don’t hire for rock stars who go at their own pace and don’t look back. We need people who are perceptive and sensitive for others because that’s what turns average teams into exceptional ones.
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yesterday by ivar
flav/php-docker-sandbox: Linux (E)nginx MySQL PHP - lemp stack sandbox
A nice Docker-based _development_ environment for PHP. The intent here is to replace a vagrant box with a docker container, but still give you the ability to tinker within that environment.
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yesterday by andrewsardone

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