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empathy-driven development: how engineers can tap into this critical skill
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Twitter opens Developers Labs program to test new API products | VentureBeat
"Twitter has chosen path versioning (specify a version as part of the endpoint URL) over header versioning (make a versioned or unversioned call). The company says path versioning is widely adopted, easy to implement for developers, and it’s what Twitter already uses in its other APIs. After launch, Twitter plans to make a major version change within its Labs program. Twitter will increment to a new Labs version after it incorporates developer feedback.

As for addressing increasing complexity, Twitter plans to formalize the behavior of its endpoints and adopt a consistent specification format. Twitter will use OpenAPI specifications to define and expose behavior for each new Labs endpoint. Because OpenAPI uses JSON Schema to specify response objects and data types, Twitter will take inspiration from there as well."
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8 days ago by earth2marsh
Jamie Dimon: JPMorgan Employs 30,000 Programmers
Just this month[April, 2014], Jamie Dimon, CEO of JPMorgan, told the firm’s shareholders in his annual letter that JPMorgan employs “nearly 30,000 programmers, application developers and information technology employees who keep our 7,200 applications, 32 data centers, 58,000 servers, 300,000 desk-tops and global network operating smoothly for all our clients.”
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