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An opinionated guide to configuring and launching an API Server — Perfect
GitHub is where people build software. More than 27 million people use GitHub to discover, fork, and contribute to over 80 million projects.
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Knowing what is the shortest distance between your business and - Thanks, !
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secure introspectable tunnels to localhost webhook development tool and debugging tool
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Hi — @p01
I am Mathieu 'p01' Henri, creative coder, technical speaker, demoscener, JavaScript developer and size optimizer extraordinary. Microsoft engineer on the persona cards by day. Coder artist of tiny realtime audio visual animations by night. Here is a collection of my talks about art+code and audio visual productions for the web platform, PC and Atari ST. Enjoy.
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Why I Switched from Kodak to Ilford Black-and-White Films: Peter DaSilva | B&H Explora
After counting on Kodak Tri-X film for his photojournalism work since the early 1980s, and adding Kodak T-Max to the mix for lit studio work in the mid-’90s, DaSilva switched to Ilford films about six years ago, first trying out Ilford HP5 and then expanding to Ilford’s Delta film line.

“Long-term consistency is my foremost priority,” he explains, “so my main consideration in making a switch was the unknown future and availability of Kodak films, as well as price increases. They were shutting down different film lines, certain chemistry wasn’t available anymore, and prices were going up. If you’re trying to be consistent about something, that’s not what you want when planning for the future,” DaSilva says.

In general, he finds Ilford HP5 to have similar characteristics to Kodak Tri-X, while Ilford Delta films are a good comparison to Kodak T-Max, with finer grain and increased sharpness.

Ilford Ilfotec DD-X liquid concentrate in a 1:4 dilution. “I’m actually looking for a little bit of a flatter negative because of the way I do my scanning,” he says “For 400 ISO film, my time is like 8 minutes.”
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