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How JavaScript works: Event loop and the rise of Async programming + 5 ways to better coding with…
Welcome to post # 4 of the series dedicated to exploring JavaScript and its building components. In the process of identifying and describing the core elements, we also share some rules of thumb we…
javascript  dev 
yesterday by aerosolkid
2017年JavaScriptのテスト概論 | プログラミング | POSTD
dev  javascript  test 
yesterday by nsasaki
Angular 2/4が狭量で遅すぎる理由 | プロダクト・サービス | POSTD
angular  javascript  dev  react 
yesterday by nsasaki
Metaballs, not to be confused with meatballs, are organic looking squishy gooey blobs... We can replicate the metaball effect using CSS & SVG by applying both blur and contrast filters to an element. For example in Chris Gannon’s Bubble Slider below.
art  demo  javascript  svg  metaballs  css  design  dev  geometry  algorithms 
yesterday by llimllib
WordPress to Hexo Static Site Generator | Toptal
via Pocket - A Guide to Static Site Generators Using Hexo and WordPress Static site generators are systems that compile templates into static HTML pages. If that sounds efficient—yes, it is. There is no server processing or rendering, so static websites tend to be very fast and lightweight, saving you and your users precious time and bandwidth.
IFTTT  Pocket  dev  toptal  engineering  blog 
yesterday by mannieschumpert
DDC-601: UnitOfWork commit order problem · Issue #5109 · doctrine/doctrine2
ctated by the foreign key constraints.

The unique constraint is not the primary key, is it? In either case, I think this is a strange thing to do, even more if this is the primary
doctrine  symfony  php  dev 
yesterday by csuarez
Xojo: Cross-platform App Development Tool
accessible / "easy" tool for building software for mac, windows, ios, raspi... (and web?) unclear if cloud based databases and or syncing are included.
development  mac  windows  ios  software  dev  tools 
yesterday by jeremiahmoore
Angular powered Bootstrap
Bootstrap widgets for Angular: autocomplete, accordion, alert, carousel, dropdown, pagination, popover, progressbar, rating, tabset, timepicker, tooltip, typeahead
angular  bootstrap  dev  ng-bootstrap  Web 
yesterday by kunbai

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