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Factories Should be the Bare Minimum
Fábricas devem criar objetos com o mínimo de atributos necessários para que o objeto seja válido.
design-patterns  ruby  factories  tests  best-pratices  rails  articles  dev 
43 minutes ago by repoles
Why Factories?
Benefícios do padrão "factories" para escrever testes mais rápidos e mais legíveis.
dev  tests  factories  ruby  best-pratices  rails  articles  design-patterns 
59 minutes ago by repoles
nuxt vuetify a-la-carte and @nuxtjs/apollo bug? · Issue #3729 · nuxt/nuxt.js
when i use vuetify a-la-carte only not import module @nuxtjs/apollo it work. but i import @nuxtjs/apollo in project. it error. please someone help me! // sorry i not good at English This question is available on Nuxt community (#c7570)
nuxt.js  vue.js  dev  vuetify.js 
2 hours ago by nsasaki
What is Kubernetes? Guide to Containers and Deployment | Toptal
via Pocket - What Is Kubernetes? A Guide to Containerization and Deployment A short while ago, we used the monolith web application: huge codebases that grew in new functions and features until they turned into huge, slow-moving, hard to manage giants.
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21 hours ago by mannieschumpert

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