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Transgender woman shot dead in Detroit - PinkNews · PinkNews
20181209 Detroit trans woman is the latest in a long line of victims

A total of 25 trans people—mostly women of colour—have now been killed in the US in 2018, according to data recorded by LGBT+ rights charity the Human Rights Campaign.

In 2017, 29 trans people were killed in the US, which was more than any other year on record.
transgender  woman  killing  Detroit 
6 days ago by Quercki
Dropping Acid
But while the sound of acid has become incorporated into the output of what Adorno and Horkheimer called the “culture industry,” the act of its creation was a rupture of the equivalence that term assumes. Acid house was born in a space between the cultural and the industrial, between social life and the relations of production. It is here that we find not only art, but political action. Acid house relocates industrial sabotage from the factory to a domestic setting, allowing for creative acts that expanded the consumer sphere of the disco community to the practice of house music production.
music  Chicago  house  acidHouse  synthesizers  Roland  TB-303  technology  Detroit  techno  culture  disruption 
16 days ago by petej
Dropping Acid
In the 1980s, musicians in Chicago built a new genre out of obsolete machinery. Listeners lost their minds.
history  music  1980s  chicago  detroit  acid-house  electronic-music  house-music 
16 days ago by incredimike
Dropping Acid
In the 1980s, musicians in Chicago built a new genre out of obsolete machinery. Listeners lost their minds.
music  hardware  chicago  detroit  history 
17 days ago by lightningdb
Planetary - Origins EP (MET034) by Subwax Distribution | Free Listening on SoundCloud
Artist: Planetary Title: Origins EP Label: Metamorphic Recordings Cat No: MET034 Format: 12” Vinyl Only Tracklist: x1. Subconscious Awareness x2. Out of Sight and Mind y1. Intertwined y2. First Contact By popular demand we are excitedly reissuing the 3rd release from Metamorphic, Origins EP by Planetary, carefully remastered from the original DAT recordings! In the interest of preserving the original mood of the release here is the text from the 1993 press release for this record... “In the time before ideas when human life was not even a consideration evolution began. Water from a turbulent sky flowed off virgin Earth into the pools and rivers of creation Meteors coursing the the heavens were intercepted by the mother in order to bring to her the elements needed for her primordial cauldron. “Origins” by Planetary brings you to this genesis. Your mind swims through the primeval ocean warm with life creation and you witness the beginning. When the music stops your mind and body return to the world of the sentient but you never forget your Origins.
via:ifttt  via:soundcloud  deep  electro  dan  curtin  Detroit  Techno  Tech  reissue  90s 
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