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AirBar – Get touchscreen on your notebook!
Use AirBar to get touchscreen on your notebook. Pinch, swipe, zoom and scroll with fingers, gloves, paint brushes or anything. It's plug-and-touch, when you need it.
touchscreen  gesture  detector  sensor  notebook  computer 
6 days ago by gilberto5757
InspectUSA com-
Meters, Test Kits, Inspection Equipment & Safety supplies.
Air Quality - IAQ
Anemometers-Air Flow
Carbon Monoxide (CO)
EMF / Microwave Meters
Fire and Smoke Safety
Food Safety & Hygiene
Gas and Leak Detectors
Heat Detector Testing
Light, LUX, UV Meters
Manometers / Pressure
Moisture Detectors
Radon Testing & Supplies
Refractometers - BRIX
carbon  monoxide  detector  safety  Badge 
5 weeks ago by MattJhsn
Photon Journey
The Photon Simulator (PhoSim) is a set of fast photon Monte Carlo codes used to calculate the physics of the atmosphere and a telescope and camera in order t...
video  ★★★★☆  lsst  photon  telescope  detector  camera 
september 2018 by thespacedoctor
Building Pokédex in Android using TensorFlow Lite and Firebase ML Kit
This post is a continuation of a series of earlier blogs on Mobile Machine Learning using Firebase’s ML Kit. In this series, I’ve explored a number of resources that could be used to build smart…
pokemon  tensorflow  detector  kotlin 
august 2018 by tranqy

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