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The Seven Principles of Good Design, Chapter 4, Brought to you by Columbia Paint & Clarksville Paint & Decorating, Benjamin Moore Dealers
Details are what really set your room apart from others. It is an easy and fun way to add your personality and uniqueness to a space!
details  home  personality 
3 days ago by Adventure_Web
How to Create a Record of Important Details Following Your Personal Injury Accident
Recording these important details will allow you to file your claim and remember your accident as it happened accurately.
details  personal  injury 
21 days ago by Adventure_Web
GitHub's Progressively enhanced menu buttons with details/summary
The concept of a "menu" of any kind is often found in profile dropdows. Some websites decide to not use a semantic menu at all, "just" showing a div or list on click and releasing its content into the tab order, (, for example). And there is GitHub's approach that uses the details and summary element for a menu, making the whole construct work even without JavaScript (in nearly every browser).
fridayfrontend  html  details  summary  progressive  enhancement  menus 
23 days ago by spaceninja

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