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Top 10 Smart Ideas - YouTube
?? Truly awful. could do exercise of coming up with useless invention. eg think of something we do fairly well at the moment, how could you come up with something that would do it more complicated?
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15 hours ago by mofox
Design Kit
Design Kit is's platform to learn human-centered design, a creative approach to solving the world's most difficult problems.
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yesterday by Jolantis
The Explainer: Design Thinking - HBR Video
Design thinking video explains basics. Gives example of Oil of Olay's makeover to target a broader age range of women.
ESB6  ch4  design  designthinking  Video  HBR 
yesterday by jeromekatz
IDEO Design Thinking | IDEO | Design Thinking
The home page of IDEO's site informing the world about design thinking. It starts with the feasibility/viability/desirability model.
ESB6  ch4  design  designthinking  feasibility  viability  model 
3 days ago by jeromekatz
Design Thinking: A Method for Creative Problem Solving - IDEO U
One of the places IDEO introduces their feasibility/viability/desirability model.
ESB6  ch4  feasibility  IDEO  viability  designthinking  design  model 
3 days ago by jeromekatz
Why Design Thinking Works
It addresses the biases and behaviors that hamper innovation.
designthinking  management  hbr 
15 days ago by joba

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