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Yes, design systems will replace design jobs —
Design systems have plenty of tactical challenges — how to start, maintain and adapt them, and so on. But arguably the biggest question is cultural: What will happen to software designers’ jobs as their work is increasingly automated?
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6 days ago by beep
No, design systems will not replace design jobs —
We spoke with five design leaders and got their take on how design systems could change—or eliminate—the role of a designer.
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6 days ago by beep
Design Systems
Recopilación de información acerca de sistemas de diseño en forma de newsletter
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14 days ago by gorilas
Awesome event yesterday chatting all things 👌🏼

Thank you to and the awesome panelists…
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20 days ago by smack416
Building a Scalable Design System with Sketch - Speaker Deck
Design Systems have reached peak popularity. It seems that every design team has either built one, is building one, or wants to build one. With the release of the incredible Nested Symbols feature followed by Sketch Libraries just a few months ago, Sketch has emerged as an essential part of the Design System workflow.
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22 days ago by oheredia
“Documenting Components”
Artículo acerca de cómo documentar componentes para design systems
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28 days ago by gorilas

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