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Empty States
Delight users by designing the empty states.
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8 days ago by grafikabode
Benefits of a connected design system
"We’re seeing more and more organisations, big and small, empowering design teams to think more systematically. Couple that with the adoption of declarative JavaScript libraries, such as React and Angular, we’re able to unlock new ways to use web components to design, build and maintain interfaces.

This shift in approach is pulling design and engineering disciplines closer together, aligning workflows, and fundamentally changing the way teams communicate with each other."
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14 days ago by garrettc
PatternFly | open interface project
PatternFly is an open source web user interface framework promoting consistency and usability across IT applications through UX patterns and widgets
ui  designpatterns 
15 days ago by grafikabode
JavaScript Shield UI Demos
JavaScript Shield UI Demos - Shield UI Javascript and HTML 5 Interactive Demos. Explore the powerful Chart, flexible Grid and many other UI components for rapid application development.
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15 days ago by grafikabode
GOV.UK Design Patterns Wiki – Dropbox Paper

​Content and navigation
​​​+Social media links​
​​​+Modal dialog boxes​
​​​+Filterable lists / faceted search​ 
​​​+Font rendering​ 
​​​+Video content​~
​​​+Navigation buttons (continue, next, previous)​
​​​+Back buttons and links​
​​​+Accessibility settings​ 
​​​+Transaction reference numbers​ 
​​​+Reorder items in a list​ 
​​​+In-service notifications and alerts​ 
15 days ago by grafikabode
Home – GOV.UK Design System
Design your service using GOV.UK styles, components and patterns
designpatterns  guidelines 
15 days ago by grafikabode
Patterns. Specific design patterns inspiration for the Web — Nicely done
Nicely done is a showcase of the best digital products, specific patterns and inspiration. Filter by product category or by design patterns and get easily inspired.
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15 days ago by grafikabode
Mobile Design Patterns - Pttrns
Pttrns is the finest collection of design patterns, resources and inspiration.
ui  designpatterns 
15 days ago by grafikabode
Interaction Design Pattern Library -
Interaction Design pattern library. More than 120 patterns for web designers. All patterns include examples, explanations and even links to literature and code
15 days ago by grafikabode

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