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The Rule of Least Power
When designing computer systems, one is often faced with a choice between using a more or less powerful language for publishing information, for expressing constraints, or for solving some problem. This finding explores tradeoffs relating the choice of language to reusability of information. The "Rule of Least Power" suggests choosing the least powerful language suitable for a given purpose.
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3 days ago by branneman
Presentational and Container Components – Dan Abramov – Medium
You’ll find your components much easier to reuse and reason about if you divide them into two categories. I call them Container and Presentational components* but I also heard Fat and Skinny, Smart and Dumb, Stateful and Pure, Screens and Components, etc.
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3 days ago by branneman
Best UI UX Design Pattern Examples Library | Design Knowledge Base
Find the best UI UX design pattern examples at Waveguide. We aim to create a repository of referenceable concepts that can help designers and developers build the future of technology design. Waveguide is a searchable base of design examples and design knowledge
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4 days ago by jake101
Learning JavaScript Design Patterns
An open-source book on JavaScript Design Patterns
javascript  designpatterns 
12 days ago by aghecht
Refactoring and Design Patterns
Advice, descriptions, and suggestions for refactoring and designing code. Some content is premium. Also just an example of a website with a slick and responsive interface.
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12 days ago by jkglasbrenner
Useful Vue patterns, techniques, tips and tricks and helpful curated links.
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5 weeks ago by angusm
George Oates: Making and Remaking Collections Online
I worked to incorporate much of what I’d learned designing Flickr: show activity, design for exploration (and not just search), develop better communicated developer tools and APIs, and look for ways to automatically improve the data we had
Ideas that formed through these years of designing and being part of huge content communities include:

See the whole from its parts
Look outwards from a single object along all its connective tissue
Show activity around objects
Get to know the grain of a dataset before you represent it; be aware of design’s editorial power here
Relinquishing control can be liberating
Leverage hyperlinks to make networked objects
Clear constraints breed creative responses
Benefits of cross-collection aggregation remind me of the classical typological arrangements in museums, apparently invented by Pitt-Rivers back in the day.
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5 weeks ago by miaridge

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