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The different lenses of Design Operations – Amplify Design – Medium
I’d like to share some of my recent thoughts about DesignOps, especially as I transition from planning the program for Enterprise UX to planning for DesignOps Summit
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10 days ago by lendamico
What is design operations and why should you care? | LinkedIn
Be as intentional in your design and execution of your design operations as you would about any other part of your organization that you expect to gain value from.
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10 days ago by lendamico
You don't need more ideas, you should talk about DesignOps.
Your organization may need new ideas, but it's more likely that the inability to move forward with the existing ideas can be far more impactful than generating new ones.
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15 days ago by lendamico
Seattle Global ResOps Workshop Recap — It’s a Long Road, but We Are on Our Way (Microsoft Design)
Небольшой отчёт Sheetal Agarwal о митапе и панельной дискуссии, посвящённой ResearchOps.
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27 days ago by jvetrau
RT : Looking for 1-2 more panelists on and/or for the 9/12 meetup! DM me if inter…
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4 weeks ago by adrianh
DesignOps — Unleashing the potential of our design studio (Atlassian Blog)
Mark Argyle рассказывает о принципах работы команды дизайн-системы Atlassian. Достаточно подробное описание процесса в типовых ситуациях.
UX  design+systems  management  strategy  designops  process  issue 
4 weeks ago by jvetrau
DesignOps (Technology Radar by ThoughtWorks)
DesignOps попал в список методов, на которые рекомендует обратить внимание Technology Radar.
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5 weeks ago by jvetrau
Agile is Reducing the Value of Your Design Team – Amplify Design – Medium
First off, Scrum is not a process ever designed for designers. Further Scrum is probably the worst example of agile based on the agile manifesto. It corrupts it by taking something that at its core is meant to be fluid, and makes it rigid and well not very agile. It becomes dogmatic. But if we look at what makes design, design vs. engineering, it is three things (minimally): empathy, creativity (this is the big one) and vision (the 2nd big one). Without these 3 components, you aren’t designing, you are just developing or engineering. At best you may be doing bad designing.
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5 weeks ago by seralat
Embedding Product Design in a Large Agile Organization
athenahealth provides network-enabled services for healthcare and point-of-care mobile apps to drive clinical and financial results for its hospital and ambulatory clients — we employ 85+ designers globally to support those efforts
agile  designops  medium  athenahealth  scrum 
5 weeks ago by lendamico
How we approach DesignOps at athenahealth – athenahealth design – Medium
We use a “systems-first” approach to scale design and research to support 200+ scrum teams in researching, designing, building, and testing user experiences.
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5 weeks ago by lendamico

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