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How manipulates you
Many websites and applications these days are designed to trick you into doing things that their creators want. YouTube autoplays more videos to keep us from leaving. Instagram shows new likes one at a time, to keep us checking for more. Facebook wants to show whatever keeps us scrolling. Snapchat turns conversations into streaks we don’t want to lose. Our media turns events into breaking news to keep us watching. But one of the most manipulative websites I’ve ever come across is, the large hotel search & booking service.
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15 hours ago by mvuijlst
AtF Spark
Data Visualisation, Product Design, Service Design, Information Design
Font  Design 
15 hours ago by pauldlynch
Nachos | Trello
Nachos is Trello's design system
design  example 
16 hours ago by paulp
Design Process - Proximity School of Design
Learn the steps of the design process and how to use them. You’ll become more reliable and creative if you do.
Design  process  @instapaper 
16 hours ago by lendamico

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