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LSOAs, LEPs and lookups : A beginner's guide to statistical geographies | OCSI
If this blog post has caught your eye, then you probably have some interest in using place-based data – excellent! Us too! There is lots of jargon and overlap when it comes to understanding the underlying geographies that data is published at, as well as the different types of areas that are used day-to-day across different organisations. 
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Can a Deprivation Study Deliver Brand Inspiration?
[commented] How deprivation research asks people to do without some favorite things creates creativity and joy #ethnography #cx #research
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5 Negative Effects Of Sleep Deprivation
Lack of sleep can be spurred by hectic work schedules or even sleep disorders such as insomnia or obstructive sleep apnea.
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Amber Rudd’s denial of the benefits crisis takes political spin to a new level | Frances Ryan | Opinion | The Guardian
The facade did not last long. On the eve of the Brexit vote, the DWP snuck out a change to pension credits that could see couples on universal credit lose as much as £7,000 a year.
Benefits rule changes could cost pensioners in UK thousands a year
From 15 May, new pensioners with partners under 65 can no longer claim pension credit - new pensioners whose partners are younger than the state retirement age of 65 can no longer claim a means-tested top-up called pension credit.

Instead they will be forced to claim the much less generous universal credit alongside their younger partners.

The couple rate of universal credit is £114.81 a week compared with £255.25 for a couple receiving pension credit. This amounts to a potential loss of £7,320 a year.

&! There is perhaps no greater skewer to this narrative than the fact some MPs have called for the introduction of a minister for hunger.
DWP  Universal  Credit  Austerity  CON-servative  Conservative  Pension  poverty  nasty  welfare  state  food  hunger  deprivation  trap 
january 2019 by asterisk2a
Question for epidemiologists & health researchers:

Are you happy using an area-based measure of as a…
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december 2018 by cathmnet
Child protection services near crisis as demand rises - BBC News
The Child Welfare Inequalities project concluded deprivation was the largest single factor in families becoming involved in child protection.

In the most deprived areas about one child in every 60 was in care, compared with one in every 660 in the wealthiest areas.

With poorer areas spending more money on those in care, the team also concluded these authorities had seen more cuts to preventative services.
UK  Austerity  society  Gesellschaft  Council  child  protection  services  deprivation  poverty  trap  nasty  party  Tories  Conservative  JAM  Theresa  May 
november 2018 by asterisk2a
Will Nissan stay once Britain leaves? How one factory explains the Brexit business dilemma | News | The Guardian
“The deal [is] tangible evidence of the benefits to the UK of membership of the European Community; Nissan [has] chosen the United Kingdom because it [gives] them access to the whole European market. If we were outside the community, it is very unlikely that Nissan would have given the United Kingdom serious consideration as a base for this substantial investment.”


In fact, after Cornwall, the north-east receives England’s second-highest amount of EU structural funding proportionate to its population, according to a report compiled before the referendum for Sunderland’s public and private sector partnership, the Economic Leadership Board. The current round of EU funding, being managed by the region’s local enterprise partnership, is £437m between 2014 and 2020. Nissan itself, according to Farnsworth’s research, has received £450m in loans from the European Investment Bank, and £347m in grants and other public funding, from the UK and EU.
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