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Prolonged fasting in patients with chronic pain syndromes leads to late mood-enhancement not related to weight loss and fasting-induced leptin depl... - PubMed - NCBI
8 day fast. Mood ratings increased significantly in the late phase of fasting (P < 0.01) but were not related to weight-loss, leptin-depletion or cortisol increase. Our findings suggest that fasting induces specific mood-enhancement.
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The Type Of Exercise That Lifts Depression - PsyBlog
"Lifting weights and strength training help to reduce depression, a new review of the research finds.
"Strength training can substantially improve people’s symptoms even for those with moderate depression and those who do not train that often.
"In fact, strength training, including weight-lifting, is particularly effective for people who have more severe depression symptoms, the study concluded.
"It also didn’t matter if people ‘bulked up’ or not — there was no link between having more muscle and feeling better.
"The main thing was just to do the workout."

After strength training or weight-lifting, people felt more interested in all activities, in a better mood and it reduced feelings of worthlessness.
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