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3,500-year-old spiced latte? Archaeologists report earliest known usage of nutmeg | ZME Science
As the autumn season is settling in and the lines are drawn around the infamous pumpkin spice latte, scientists report the earliest usage of another popular spice: nutmeg. Peter Lape, professor of anthropology at the UW, is quoted.
Lape.Peter  Department:Anthropology  College:Arts&Sciences  !UWitM  2018  ZME.Science  natl  Burke.Museum 
12 days ago by uwnews
Humans loved nutmeg 3,500 years ago | Mother Nature Network
Until recently, food historians believed nutmeg's culinary use began about 1,500 years ago, but new evidence from a UW-led research paper shows they were off by a couple thousand years. Peter Lape, professor of anthropology at the UW, is quoted.
!UWitM  2018  Mother.Nature.Network  natl  Lape.Peter  College:Arts&Sciences  Department:Anthropology 
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Ancient precursor to pumpkin spice latte? Archaeologists uncover earliest human use of nutmeg | Smithsonian
In the year 2018, nutmeg has established itself as the love-to-hate seasoning that feeds the autumnal beast that is the Pumpkin Spice Latte. But long before Starbucks got into the nutmeg game, new archaeological findings reveal that the earliest human use of nutmeg dates back at least 3,500 years. Peter Lape, professor of anthropology at the UW, is quoted.
Smithsonian.Magazine  !UWitM  2018  natl  Department:Anthropology  Lape.Peter 
13 days ago by uwnews
Archaeologists find oldest example of nutmeg-spiced food | Gizmodo
Neolithic humans living on the Indonesian island of Pulau Ay were using nutmeg as a food ingredient 3500 years ago, according to new UW research. Peter Lape, professor of anthropology at the UW, is mentioned.
Lape.Peter  Department:Anthropology  !UWitM  2018  natl  Gizmodo  College:Arts&Sciences 
16 days ago by uwnews
Key ingredient in your pumpkin spice latte goes back 3,500 years | CNET
It turns out the story of nutmeg reaches much further back into history than scientists expected. An archaeological team investigated a site on the island of Pulau Ay in Indonesia and discovered nutmeg residue on pottery fragments estimated to be 3,500 years old. Peter Lape, professor of anthropology at the UW, is quoted.
Lape.Peter  CNET  Department:Anthropology  College:Arts&Sciences  !UWitM  2018  natl 
17 days ago by uwnews
China distances children from families to subdue Muslim West | The New York Times
China is systematically distancing young Muslims in Xinjiang from their families and culture, The Associated Press has found through interviews with more than a dozen Muslims and a review of procurement documents. Darren Byler, lecturer of anthropology at the UW, is quoted. [This AP story appeared in several outlets]
Department:Anthropology  !UWitM  2018  natl  AP  New.York.Times  College:Arts&Sciences  Byler.Darren 
4 weeks ago by uwnews
America's housing crisis is forcing more people to live in vehicles | HuffPost
Wealthy cities like Berkeley and Seattle are seeing a boom in people calling their cars and RVs “home.” Graham Pruss, a graduate student in anthropology at the UW, is quoted.
Pruss.Graham  Huffington.Post  !UWitM  2018  natl  Department:Anthropology  students  College:Arts&Sciences 
10 weeks ago by uwnews
Northwestern study shows pregnancy accelerates aging | CBS Chicago
A new study shows that each pregnancy a woman has accelerates cellular aging by a range of six months to two years. Study co-author Dan Eisenberg, a University of Washington associate professor of anthropology, is mentioned.
CBS.News  !UWitM  2018  regl  Eisenberg.Dan  Department:Anthropology  College:Arts&Sciences 
12 weeks ago by uwnews
The rise and fall of a Seattle megachurch through the eyes of an anthropologist | KUOW
What happened during the creation and growth of Mars Hill Church made waves in Seattle and beyond. Jessica Johnson, a lecturer of anthropology at the UW, is featured.
KUOW  !UWitM  2018  Johnson.Jessica  Department:Anthropology  College:Arts&Sciences  regl 
june 2018 by uwnews
China has turned Xinjiang into a police state like no other | The Economist
Totalitarian determination and modern technology have produced a massive abuse of human rights in Xinjiang. Darren Byler, a UW graduate student in anthropology, is mentioned.
The.Economist  !UWitM  2018  natl  Department:Anthropology  College:Arts&Sciences  Byler.Darren 
june 2018 by uwnews
Analysis | SpongeBob's Bikini Bottom is based on a real-life test site for nuclear weapons | The Conversation
"Bikini Bottom, SpongeBob’s fictional home, is based on an actual place in the Pacific Ocean. But how much do most Americans know of the real-life Bikini Atoll, the location of 23 U.S. nuclear weapons tests during the Cold War era?" writes Holly Barker, senior lecturer of anthropology at the UW.
The.Conversation  !UWitM  2018  natl  Barker.Holly  opinion.analysis  Department:Anthropology  College:Arts&Sciences 
june 2018 by uwnews
The downfall of the Mars Hill Church | KUOW
Do you remember the Mars Hill Church? Charismatic, idiosyncratic, it connected with a younger generation and had an unconventional figure at its head. Mark Driscoll fueled the church's rise, and was also the source of its downfall. University of Washington anthropology professor Jessica Johnson explored that fall in her new book, "Biblical Porn."
KUOW  Johnson.Jessica  Department:Anthropology  College:Arts&Sciences  !UWitM  2018  regl 
may 2018 by uwnews
A finger bone from an unexpected place and time upends the story of human migration out of Africa | Los Angeles Times
It's only 3 centimeters long and less than 1 centimeter wide, but it has the potential to rewrite the history of our ancestors' migration out of Africa. Ben Marwick, an archaeologist at the UW, is quoted.
Los.Angeles.Times  !UWitM  2018  Marwick.Ben  Department:Anthropology  natl  College:Arts&Sciences 
april 2018 by uwnews
Men are more likely to think they are smarter even when someone is equally accomplished to them, a study says | Bustle
According to a new study, men at least think they're smarter than women in the classroom, a feat that may help them academically in the long run. A 2016 UW study is referenced.
Bustle  !UWitM  2018  natl  Department:Anthropology  College:Arts&Sciences 
april 2018 by uwnews
Birds with older fathers have shorter telomeres, lifespans | The Scientist
A team of researchers shows that bird embryos sired from old zebra finch fathers have shorter telomeres compared to those with the same moms and younger fathers. Dan Eisenberg, associate professor of anthropology at the UW, is quoted.
Department:Anthropology  !UWitM  2018  natl  The.Scientist  Eisenberg.Dan  College:Arts&Sciences 
march 2018 by uwnews
Nuclear trauma still fresh for Seattle’s Marshallese community on 64th anniversary of Bikini Atoll tests | The International Examiner
In 1954, the Navy dropped the largest nuclear bomb ever detonated on land in Bikini Atoll, one of the Marshall Islands in the southeast Pacific, an explosion 1,000 times more powerful than the bomb dropped on Hiroshima. Holly Barker, a UW anthropology lecturer, is quoted.
Barker.Holly  !UWitM  2018  regl  International.Examiner  Department:Anthropology  College:Arts&Sciences 
march 2018 by uwnews
A home away from home for Pacific Islander students at the Burke Museum | International Examiner
Randizia Crisostomo, a graduate student at UW Bothell who also works as the Burke Museum’s community outreach coordinator for Oceania and Asia, is featured about her work.
International.Examiner  !UWitM  2018  UW:Bothell  students  regl  Barker.Holly  Department:Anthropology  College:Arts&Sciences 
february 2018 by uwnews
Stone Age man’s top tips for felling prey | The Times of London
With her former professor at the University of Washington (Ben Fitzhugh), recent anthropology graduate Janice Wood has laboriously recreated the projectiles used by the Stone Age Alaskans.
Times.London  !UWitM  2018  natl  Department:Anthropology  College:Arts&Sciences  alumni  Fitzhugh.Ben 
february 2018 by uwnews
Why two anthropologists reconstructed prehistoric weaponry | Atlas Obscura
Hunter-gatherers were more tech-savvy than we give them credit for. Janice Wood, a recent UW anthropology graduate, and Ben Fitzhugh, a UW professor of anthropology, are featured.
Atlas.Obscura  Department:Anthropology  alumni  Fitzhugh.Ben  Wood.Janice  students  !UWitM  2018  natl  College:Arts&Sciences 
february 2018 by uwnews
Spokane representative works to get health care for local Marshallese community | Spokane Public Radio
One of Spokane’s largest ethnic communities comes from the Marshall Islands in the Pacific Ocean. UW anthropologist Holly Barker is quoted.
Spokane.Public.Radio  Barker.Holly  Department:Anthropology  College:Arts&Sciences  !UWitM  2017 
december 2017 by uwnews

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