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Home - Danish Open Access Indicator
The Indicator is produced and released annually by the Danish Agency for Science and Higher Education, part of the Ministry of Higher Education and Science. The Indicator monitors the implementation of the Danish Open Access Strategy 2018-2025 by collecting and analysing publication data from the Danish universities.
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6 days ago by juliusbeezer
From Enemies to Friends – Political Culture and History in the Nordic Countries
A historic look at the relationship between the Nordic countries, the conflicts in which they have engaged in over the years, and the way in which they have managed to seemingly overcome their differences.
power  politics  Sweden  Norway  Denmark  Finland  Iceland  war  Nordic  history  Scandinavia  Norden  cooperation  independence  Greenland  defeat  territorial  loss  democracy  conflict 
14 days ago by hrmeaner
Denmark: Not As Socialist (Nor As Successful) As You Think
This is a piece that is not unbiased, but it does provide perspective that provides more information than campaign rhetoric provides.
economics  socialism  Denmark  Bernie_Sanders 
18 days ago by cmingyar
De nordiska biskoparnas herdabrev med anledning av att relikerna av Thérèse av Lisieux samt hennes föräldrar, Louis och Zélie Martin besöker Norden
”Jag kommer tillbaka!”
De nordiska biskoparnas herdabrev med anledning av att relikerna av Thérèse av Lisieux
samt hennes föräldrar, Louis och Zélie Martin besöker Norden
catholic  sweden  norway  denmark  finland  carmelite  saints  relics 
19 days ago by benjekman
Social democracy isn’t socialism – Econlib
In fact, among students of comparative economic systems, Denmark is famous for its “flexicurity model“, which means companies are relatively free to hire and fire workers, but those who do lose jobs have the security of generous employment compensation problems.  Denmark is often viewed as the world’s leading example of an economy that combines highly free markets with extensive social insurance.  When I researched this topic in 2008, I found that by some measures Denmark had the most capitalist economy in the world, if you exclude the variable of government spending. At the same time, government spending as a share of GDP was among the highest in the world.  The net effect is that (back in 2008) various “economic freedom” rankings put Denmark about even with the US, with its much higher government spending tending to roughly offset its much lower level of economic regulation.
denmark  Krugman  social-insurance  Sumner 
22 days ago by HispanicPundit
Why Danes Happily Pay High Rates of Taxes | Best Countries | US News
Why Danes Happily Pay High Rates of Taxes
People in the European country see taxes as an investment in their quality of life.
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5 weeks ago by djuggler

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