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Cold comfort in Copenhagen | Matthew Engel
The Danes are considered to be among the happiest people in the world. But they can be clannish – and demographic change has unsettled many.
28th  november  2018  new  statesman  matthew  engel  politics  travel  denmark  copenhagen 
7 days ago by pnjman
RA: Inside Copenhagen's fast techno scene
Kit Macdonald visits the Danish capital to investigate its emergence as a hotbed for 140 BPM dance music.
techno  fasttechno  music  Copenhagen  Denmark  ResidentAdvisor  2018 
9 days ago by inspiral
Where in the World Is Denmark’s $2 Billion? - The New York Times
Prosecutors in Copenhagen say it was an elaborate ruse, one that ultimately cost taxpayers more than $2 billion — a spectacular sum for Denmark, the equivalent of a $110 billion loss in the far larger American economy.

The country had fallen victim to a dubious financial maneuver at the intersection of the tax system and capital markets, a dizzyingly complex transaction known as a “cum-ex” trade.
cumex  taxevasion  steuerhinterziehung  denmark  nytimes 
14 days ago by Cervus

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