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Starbucks, Rev Up Delivery Service in China |
For coffee lovers in China, grabbing a fresh cup of venti cappuccino from Starbucks will soon be as easy as a few quick taps on their smartphone.

Starting Oct. 22, Starbucks will offer delivery in nine new cities in China through Alibaba’s on-demand delivery platform In Shanghai and Beijing, the “Starbucks Delivers” service is already in full swing.

“We set out to earn our right to do coffee delivery the right way in China by leading and up leveling the standards for the entire coffee industry, with no compromise on the Starbucks quality at any step,” said Belinda Wong, CEO of Starbucks China.
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Most diners order delivery through restaurants, not third-party apps | Restaurant Dive
A new study from E-Poll Market Research shows that Grubhub is the top third-party food delivery service with millennials, with a 41% usage rate among those consumers. Doordash was second (36%), followed by UberEats (32%) and Postmates (30%). Grubhub is also the most used delivery app across the board, at 36%, and with the company's recent acquisition of Yelp's Eat24 app, that usage is likely even higher now. 
Younger U.S. internet users are most likely to use a food delivery service: A majority (55%) of those aged 18 to 24 and close to half (49%) of 25- to 34-year-olds had food delivered at least once in the past year compared with the overall average (36%).
Despite growth in the third-party delivery space, most consumers still order food directly through a restaurant brand (53%). 
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H&M invests $20M in payments firm Klarna | Retail Dive
Fast-fashion retailer H&M has taken an investment stake of less than 1% in Swedish fintech company Klarna for $20 million, reported the Financial Times reported. Beginning next year, Klarna will provide both in-store and online payment services for H&M, beginning with 14 European countries, including the U.K. and Sweden, according to a press release. The partnership could expand into the U.S. and Asia, according to the Financial Times.
By integrating payments across H&M's channels, the goal is to provide customers "a seamless, personalized and engaging shopping experience," the press release said. The new capabilities will involve frictionless mobile, in-store and online payments and will simplify deliveries and returns. It will also allow shoppers to determine when and how they pay, including try-before-you-buy services.
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In brief: Go-Jek launches fuel delivery
Go-Jek, in partnership with Indonesia’s oil major Pertamina, has launched an on-demand fuel-delivery service. Called Go-Pertamina, it brings fuel to users from the nearest Pertamina gas station.
The service is available in South and Central Jakarta from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. daily. It does not serve orders on toll roads, basements, or other enclosed areas. Given that Go-Jek has a large network of drivers who need to top up their fuel regularly, they could become some of Go-Pertamina’s biggest users.
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Domino's Pizza + IFTTT
'If x, then you get a pizza delivered'
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Do more with Domino's - IFTTT
Use the Domino’s service to place your Domino’s Easy Order so that life’s best moments always lead to pizza. Or, connect to Domino’s Tracker® for updates on the status of any order as it goes from dough to your door so you can get your house ready for the oven-baked deliciousness headed your way. This service is currently set up for US customers only and Easy Orders must be confirmed via text message before being placed.
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How Delivery Apps Like Seamless and Uber Eats May Put Your Favorite Restaurant Out of Business | The New Yorker
Many of the restaurant owners I spoke to knew that their percentage of deliveries was rising along with their costs, but they were unsure of how that was affecting their profitability. “We kind of think that it all balances out, but, honestly, we don’t know,” Tom Birchard, the owner of the popular Ukrainian restaurant Veselka, which has been serving late-night borscht and pierogi to East Villagers for more than sixty years, told me. “We don’t have the capacity to really analyze the economics of it carefully. We’re in the dark.”
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Direct from Farms | NIKU Farms
Trust the Meat You Eat. Connecting you directly to your local small-scale farm.
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11 days ago by shazow
:: crofflr - ebook deliveries ::
crofflr specializes in automated wireless ebook deliveries from your favourite reading lists directly to your e-book reader. crofflr collects all unread articles from your personal reading list and converts them into a reading friendly text version.
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