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Nuro and Kroger are deploying self-driving cars for grocery delivery in Arizona today | TechCrunch
Nuro’s intent is to use its self-driving technology in the last mile for the delivery of local goods and services. That could be things like groceries, dry cleaning, an item you left at a friend’s house or really anything within city limits that can fit inside one of Nuro’s vehicles. Nuro has two compartments that can fit up to six grocery bags each. 

In Scottsdale, however, Nuro will initially use Toyota Prius cars before introducing its custom self-driving vehicles. That’s because the main purpose of this pilot is to learn, and using the Prius self-driving fleet can help to accelerate those learnings, a Nuro spokesperson told TechCrunch.

“The Priuses share many software and hardware systems with the R1 custom vehicle, so while we compete final certification and testing of the R1, the Prius will begin delivering groceries and help us improve the overall service and customer experience,” the spokesperson said.
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Доставка продуктов на дом по Москве, интернет магазин
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Family Friend
Быстрая доставка свежих и вкусных продуктов
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Amazon patents warehouse blimps with packages delivered by drone | Popular Science
There is a structure hovering silently above the city. Buoyant and robotic, it's the store where everyone shops—and a store that no one ever visits. Summoned by the press of a button and a signal sent through the air, merchandise is prepared for flight and delivered to the ground gently, by drone.
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Starbucks, Alibaba partner on delivery service, virtual stores in China | Marketing Dive
Starbucks will work with Alibaba-owned on-demand food platform, which has more than 3 million delivery riders, on the delivery program. The effort kicks off in September with 150 stories in Beijing and Shanghai, and there are plans to expand it to more than 2,000 stores in 30 cities by the end of 2018. The coffee store chain will also partner with Hema supermarkets to create “Starbucks Delivery Kitchens” in certain locations in Shanghai and Hangzhou, also starting in September with plans to expand. 
Alibaba is creating an online management hub to integrate and deliver consistent Starbucks experiences across digital platforms. Consumers will be able to access a “one-stop” experience that allows them to purchase merchandise online, purchase beverages for delivery or send gifts. Starbucks will also integrate its Rewards membership program. 
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Starbucks Taps Alibaba for Delivery, New Virtual Store |
Alibaba Group and Starbucks Coffee are ramping up their longstanding partnership through a slate of new initiatives that will deliver the “Starbucks Experience” to Chinese consumers anywhere, anytime they want it, the two companies said Thursday.

At a press conference in Shanghai, Starbucks announced that, China’s leading on-demand delivery service owned by Alibaba, would be its exclusive delivery partner for this market. Starbucks will also open “delivery kitchens” in Alibaba’s New Retail-powered Hema supermarkets to support fulfillment of those delivery orders.
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Skip the store: Kroger unveils direct-to-consumer grocery marketplace | Food Dive
Kroger will soon launch a direct-to-consumer service that offers more than 50,000 grocery items along with 4,500 private label products. Kroger Ship will kick off in four cities where Kroger has a strong presence — Houston, Nashville, Louisville and Cincinnati — with plans to grow quickly into new markets.
Delivery will be free on orders over $35 and $4.99 for any that fall below that amount. Customers can get their orders as soon as the next day. During the launch period, customers can use a promo code that offers free shipping and 15% off their order.
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