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colmmacc/nf_conntrack_tls: A Linux netfilter conntracking module that understands TLS records
crude linux netfilter plugin to drop TLS heartbeat connections, as a temporary shield for Heartbleed
linux  netfilter  module  security  defense  heartbleed  OpenSSL  TLS 
12 days ago by asteroza
The Problem with Cynicism - The Book of LifeThe Book of Life
Cynics may look like people trying very hard to see the facts as they are; in fact, they are trying even harder to insulate themselves against pain. The origin of their stance is not worldly experience and insight; it is – rather more poignantly – psychological trauma. Somewhere in the past, there will probably have been a blow to their hopes that felt too powerful to handle.
psychology  debotton  bookoflife  defense  cynicism  schooloflife 
22 days ago by emmacarlson
Pentagon takes aim at China and Russia in proposed $750 billion budget  - The Washington Post
The Navy plans to retire one of its aircraft carriers early and invest in drone ships; the Army is looking to scale back investments in legacy helicopters and fighting vehicles and instead buy high-end versions; and the Air Force is dramatically increasing its investments in space.
He highlighted significant new investments in cyberwarfare, hypersonic weapons, artificial intelligence, lasers and space, including the creation of a Space Force.
5 weeks ago by jayyy
Red Sky in Morning: Naval Combat at the Dawn of Hypersonics
USS Stark steams quietly near Bahrain on May 17, 1987. The Tanker Wars between Iran and Iraq are ongoing, and the United States is trying to keep commerce
war  strategy  defense 
6 weeks ago by jayyy

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