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yzhao062/pyod: A Python Toolkit for Scalable Outlier Detection (Anomaly Detection)
PyOD is a comprehensive and scalable Python toolkit for detecting outlying objects in multivariate data. This exciting yet challenging field is commonly referred as Outlier Detection or Anomaly Detection. Since 2017, PyOD has been successfully used in various academic researches and commercial products. PyOD is featured for:

Unified APIs, detailed documentation, and interactive examples across various algorithms.
Advanced models, including Neural Networks/Deep Learning and Outlier Ensem...
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yesterday by newtonapple
My presentations on 'Elements of Neural Networks & Deep Learning' -Parts 4,5 | R-bloggers
This is the next set of presentations on "Elements of Neural Networks and Deep Learning". In the 4th presentation I discuss and derive the generalized equations for a multi-unit, multi-layer Deep Learning network. The 5th presentation derives the equations for a Deep Learning network when performing multi-class classification along with the derivations for cross-entropy loss. The corresponding … Continue reading My presentations on 'Elements of Neural Networks & Deep Learning' -Parts...
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yesterday by riemino
(PDF) A New Type of a Wavelet Neural Network
super spannend: besonders effektive wavelet transformation für prediction of time series
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2 days ago by texorama

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