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Enhancing OSM Maps using Machine Learning & Big Data – OpenStreetMap @ Telenav
One of our main goals here at Telenav is to constantly improve the maps we are using in our applications and services Having very detailed and accurate maps is of fundamental importance if we want to build high-quality and precise routing applications, ADAS systems or self-driving guidance software. In this post we’re going to talk…
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13 hours ago by ohnice
GitHub - trailbehind/DeepOSM: Train a deep learning net with OpenStreetMap features and satellite imagery.
GitHub is where people build software. More than 28 million people use GitHub to discover, fork, and contribute to over 85 million projects.
deeplearning  geospatial  gis  tensorflow  osm  github  Code_Repositories  deep-learning  deep-osm  feedbin 
13 hours ago by ohnice
Learning AI if You Suck at Math – Hacker Noon
Maybe you’d love to dig deeper and get an image recognition program running in TensorFlow or Theano? Perhaps you’re a kick-ass developer or systems architect and you know computers incredibly well…
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yesterday by alexmc
Multitrack MusicVAE.ipynb - Colaboratory
MusicVAE learns a latent space of musical sequences. Here we apply the MusicVAE framework to single measures of multi-instrument General MIDI, a symbolic music representation that uses a standard set of 128 instrument sounds.
vae  machinelearning  deeplearning  ai  magenta  jupyter  notebook  code 
3 days ago by gdw
Tutorial - What is a variational autoencoder? – Jaan Altosaar
Understanding Variational Autoencoders (VAEs) from two perspectives: deep learning and graphical models.
machine  deeplearning  VAE 
3 days ago by gdw
MusicVAE: Creating a palette for musical scores with machine learning.
variational autoencoder

When a painter creates a work of art, she first blends and explores color options on an artist’s palette before applying them to the canvas. This process is a creative act in its own right and has a profound effect on the final work.

Musicians and composers have mostly lacked a similar device for exploring and mixing musical ideas, but we are hoping to change that. Below we introduce MusicVAE, a machine learning model that lets us create palettes for blending and exploring musical scores.
music  machinelearning  artificialintelligence  deeplearning  magenta  ml  ai 
3 days ago by gdw

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