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Errata Security: How to decrypt WhatsApp end-to-end media files
At the center of the "Saudis hacked Bezos" story is a mysterious video file investigators couldn't decrypt, sent by Saudi Crown Prince MBS to Bezos via WhatsApp. In this blog post, I show how to decrypt it.
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5 weeks ago by plouf
mozilla/sops: Simple and flexible tool for managing secrets
sops is an editor of encrypted files that supports YAML, JSON, ENV, INI and BINARY formats and encrypts with AWS KMS, GCP KMS, Azure Key Vault and PGP.
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9 weeks ago by ebouchut
"JSON Web Almost Everything" - JWA, JWS, JWE, JWK, JWT, JWKS for Node.js with minimal dependencies
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november 2019 by aortbals
How to decrypt Jenkins passwords from credentials.xml?
I've taken over the project where a lot of Jenkins credentials has passwords or passphrase strings which I need to know in order to progress with the project, unfortunately these weren't documented
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september 2019 by bjbishop

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