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Ricordi Educational Scientific Posters
Wolves: 2995
Map of the sky: 1778
The Moon: 2550
ricordi  whales  poster  dinosaurs  posters  quadre  pending  decoration  painting 
5 weeks ago by ferran
10 or 20 Warm White Fairy Light LED's on Copper or Silver Wire with Replaceable Batteries
Low-cost Fairy Lights.

- Very small, very lightweight battery pack.

- Batteries included... More Savings!

- Great for Mason Jars, Centerpieces, and Costumes.
leds  masonjar  jar  decoration  holiday 
9 weeks ago by cyberchucktx
Fusta'm vintage shop
Nice quirky independent shop in Joaquim Costa 62, next door to other quirky shop with enamel cups etc. On 3.12.19 I chatted to owner, Lidia.
shop  raval  barcelona  joaquim  costa  fusta  fustam  lidia  objects  furniture  wood  decoration  independent  lamps 
10 weeks ago by piperh
Plywood Reindeer: 4 Steps (with Pictures)
How about a big reindeer decoration for Christmas ? You can use both indoor or outdoors. If you fold it in the barn during the off season, you can use it next year.
instructable  wood  christmas  decoration  diy  reindeer 
12 weeks ago by cyberchucktx

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