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Declaring language in HTML
explanation of how to use lang="" in html
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august 2016 by piperh
how to use a variable's value as other variable's name in bash - Stack Overflow
eval is used for this, but if you do it naively, there are going to be nasty escaping issues. This sort of thing is generally safe:


eval $name_of_variable="simpleword" # abc set to simpleword
This breaks:

eval $name_of_variable="word splitting occurs"
The fix:

eval $name_of_variable="\"word splitting occurs\"" # not anymore
The ultimate fix: put the text you want to assign into a variable. Let's call it safevariable. Then you can do this:

eval $name_of_variable=\$safevariable # note escaped dollar sign
Escaping the dollar sign solves all escape issues. The dollar sign survives verbatim into the eval function, which will effectively perform this:

eval 'abc=$safevariable' # dollar sign now comes to life inside eval!

eval $sub_args[1]+=\($sub_args[2]\)
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june 2016 by dza

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