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Elastos | Smartweb Powered by Blockchain
What is Elastos?
Elastos is the safe and reliable internet of the future. Built utilizing the blockchain, this technological breakthrough provides the first completely safe environment on the web where decentralized applications are detached from the internet while also permitting full scalability to millions of users. Elastos enables the generation of wealth through ownership and exchange of your data and digital assets. Welcome to the new Smart Web, where safety and economic distribution can flourish on the internet.
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yesterday by euler offers managed hosting and pinning solutions for IPFS.
ipfs  pinning  node  content  storage  service  decentralized  web  dweb  hosting  p2p  protocols 
yesterday by orlin
oduwsdl/ipwb: InterPlanetary Wayback: A distributed and persistent archive replay system using IPFS
InterPlanetary Wayback: A distributed and persistent archive replay system using IPFS
ipfs  web  archive  decentralized  dweb  tool 
2 days ago by orlin
Learn - Radar Relay
Radar Relay is a next generation cryptocurrency exchange technology that leverages blockchain and the 0x protocol to trade Ethereum based tokens directly from Web3 or Hardware wallets.
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5 days ago by orlin
Learn about the benefits of wallet-to-wallet trading over centralized exchanges.
decentralized  exchange  promo  radar  atomic  swap  trading  infographic 
5 days ago by orlin
GitHub - blockstack/gaia at develop
A decentralized high-performance storage system
gaia  storage  decentralized  protocols  compare 
5 days ago by orlin

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