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Metadata: Paper review. IPFS: Content addressed, versioned, P2P file system
Decentralization opens a Pandora's box of issues. Centralized is efficient and effective. Coordination wants to be centralized. A common and overhyped misconception is not centralized is not scalable and centralized is a single point of failure. After close to two decades of work in cluster computing and cloud computing, we have good techniques in place for achieving scalability and fault-tolerance for centralized (or logically centralized, if you like) systems. For scalability, shard it, georeplicate it, and provide CDNs for reading. For fault-tolerance, slap Paxos on it, or use chain replication systems (where Paxos guards the chain configuration), or use the globe-spanning distributed datastores available today. Case in point, Dropbox is logically-centralized but is very highly available and fault-tolerant, while serving to millions of users. Facebook is able to serve billions of users.

If you want to make the natural disaster tolerance argument to motivate the use of IPFS, good luck trying to use IPFS over landlines when power and ISPs are down, and good luck trying to form a multihop wireless ad hoc network over laptops using IPFS. Our only hope in a big natural disaster is cell towers and satellite communication. Disaster tolerance is serious work and I hope governments around the world are funding sufficient research into operational, planning, and communications aspects of that.
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3 days ago by euler
Why Decentralization Matters – Chris Dixon – Medium
Centralized platforms have been dominant for so long that many people have forgotten there is a better way to build internet services.
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5 days ago by geetarista
I’m a big fan of exchanges & eventually hope they become the future, high security and less chance o…
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8 days ago by toddc
Decentralisation in Bitcoin and Ethereum networks | the morning paper
Decentralization in Bitcoin and Ethereum networks Gencer et al., FC’18 I thought it would be fitting to round off this week’s selections by looking at the state of Bitcoin and Ethereum in practice. Today’s paper presents the results of a series of measurements of the respective networks, taken through 2016 and 2017. Ongoing research explores…
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9 days ago by geetarista
Web3 Goes Live — Livepeer Devcon3 Presentation – Livepeer Blog – Medium
The web3 stack offers solutions for payment, computation, identity, and storage, but the live media layer is missing. Built on top of Swarm and an open media server called LPMS, the Livepeer project incentivizes live video transcoding and distribution in a fully decentralized way.
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11 days ago by ference
Introducing Livepeer — A Decentralized Live Video Broadcast Platform and Crypto Token Protocol
Today I am excited to announce the Livepeer Project. We believe that every person should have access to a platform to share their voice, and in today’s day and age, live video is increasingly…
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11 days ago by ference
Viewly - a decentralized video platform.
Viewly is a decentralized video platform, run by the people, for the people.
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11 days ago by ference

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