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How I use Wireshark - Julia Evans
I use this to run Wireshark on local desktop with live traffic from remote server
e.g. excludes port 22/53

ssh root@host tcpdump -U -s0 'not port 22 and not port 53' -w - | wireshark -k -I -

> Wireshark makes it really easy to look at the lifetime of a TCP connection and see what happened!

> You can do that by right clicking on a packet and clicking “Conversation filter” -> “TCP”.

If you click ‘Statistics’ in the menu then ‘Conversations’, Wireshark will give you this amazing statistics view that looks like this:

This shows me the duration of every single TCP connection, so I can find the long ones and then investigate them in more detail! So useful :D
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12 hours ago by hellsten
How to Fix Facebook Incorrect Thumbnail Issue in WordPress
Facebook showing the incorrect thumbnail? Is your facebook thumbnail missing? Learn how to fix Facebook incorrect thumbnail issue in WordPress.
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2 days ago by andyscotuk

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