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cosmos72/gomacro: Interactive Go interpreter and debugger with REPL, Eval, generics and Lisp-like macros
Interactive Go interpreter and debugger with REPL, Eval, generics and Lisp-like macros - cosmos72/gomacro
golang  debug 
4 days ago by geetarista
A debugger from scratch — part 1 – Liz Rice – Medium
Have you ever wondered how debuggers work? What happens when you set a breakpoint? How does the debugger control the flow of your program, or change values in variables? Let’s find out by writing a…
golang  debug 
4 days ago by geetarista
JavaScript Visualizer
Tyler McGinnis came up with a nice JavaScript Visualizer.
TylerMcGinnis  JavaScript  debug  Visualization 
4 days ago by lost_in_space
ESP32 / ESP8266 Arduino: Debugging with the ArduinoTrace library – techtutorialsx
In this tutorial we will learn how to get started using ArduinoTrace, a tracing library that is aimed at debugging Arduino programs. 
arduino  tutorial  debug  esp32  esp8266 
5 days ago by junya
js visualizer
js JavaScript visual debug visualization
js  javascript  visualization  debug  visualizer 
7 days ago by ference

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