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Tanker Truck Carrying Jet Fuel Crashes Off I-80 Near Dutch Flat, Driver Killed – CBS Sacramento
DUTCH FLAT (CBS13) – Authorities are investigating a deadly tanker truck crash off Interstate 80 in the high country Monday morning.

The crash was first reported just before 6 a.m. A tanker truck, for an unknown reason, went over the curve along eastbound I-80 near Dutch Flat Road and 300 feet down a cliff.

Scene of the crash near Dutch Flat Monday morning.
California Highway Patrol confirms the tanker driver was killed in the crash.

The tanker, which authorities said was carrying 7,000 gallons of aviation jet fuel, has spilled its contents and a Hazmat crew is now at the scene. Crews are concerned about a creek down below from the crash; California Department of Fish and Wildlife has been notified.
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An Uncomfortable Inheritance
Years after her father’s death, an offhand comment from her mother led Dani Shapiro to question the nature of her conception. Then a DNA test showed the man she’d known as her dad was not her biological father.
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Mimi O’Donnell Reflects on the Loss of Philip Seymour Hoffman and the Devastation of Addiction - Vogue
“I can’t monitor you all the time. I love you, I’m here for you, and I’ll always be here for you. But I can’t save you.”
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The True Story of 'Brainstorm,' a Lost Sci-Fi Classic—And Natalie Wood’s Final Film
"It had big stars, it foretold virtual reality, and the director was the special-effects wizard behind 2001: A Space Odyssey. So why have you never heard of this movie?"
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Emergency by Neil Strauss: Summary, Notes, and Lessons - Nat Eliason
In Denial of Death by Ernest Becker, we fear our own obliteration so we pursue “immortality projects” that will outlast us, whether it be our work, our children, the way we affect others, a good seat in the afterlife, or hope.

Eating like shit is the culinary equivalent of walking through Baghdad at night.

Being in and around motor vehicles is the most dangerous thing we do, there were 45k deaths from motor vehicles, only 12k from guns. More people kill themselves with them, 17k. Suicide is much more common, 32k, than homicide, 18k.

Terrorism is extremely rare compared to all the other ways you could die.
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