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YouTube -- Emmy van Deurzen: Open up to autumn
'Open up to autumn or to the end of your life when you feel melancholy for the loss of summer but also find the inner peace of mellow appreciation of the bounty still left to enjoy. Change is everywhere. Allow it to carry you forward.' -- Time just gets away from us. ~ Charles Portis
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2 hours ago by adamcrowe
The Book of Life -- When Someone We Love Has Died
'Regrets. We may feel we didn’t always love them as we now we wish we had. There were things we didn’t do, or things we wish we hadn’t done; things we’d change, if only we could. -- We do not have to worry. We treated them as living beings, and this is what they would ultimately have wanted and expected. Most of what we needed to say made its way to them indirectly. We didn’t have to put it explicitly into words at a pivotal moment. They knew or guessed. They didn’t say everything either. It’s how human relations function: we do not have to spell everything out, because we do so much of the work in our own minds. They knew enough that we cared and why, at points, there were difficulties. They understood that there was sufficient love; it’s why we’re thinking of them now. -- The moment when someone dies is not when their body ceases to exist, but when the last person whose life was touched by them dies. On this basis, they have so long still left to live. They continue to survive within us. The conversation with them goes on without end in our own minds. They will be us through many things that have not yet happened, through so many dilemmas, joys and sorrows to come. We will take them into our confidences. We will hear their voice completely clearly – and they will advise and console us. Death cannot rob us of this. They live inside us now.'
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3 hours ago by adamcrowe
Digital immortality: How your life’s data means a version of you could live forever
[Hossein Rahnama] is building an application called Augmented Eternity; it lets you create a digital persona that can interact with people on your behalf after you’re dead.
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said that royal family will be . In Saudi there’s a . Will this means th…
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