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Visualizing the History of Fugazi – Carni Klirs
Data visualizations about every aspect of the punk band Fugazi.
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2 days ago by macloo
Human Terrain
Visualizing the World’s Population, in 3D
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3 days ago by phantom4
Holt-Winters Forecasting for Dummies (or Developers) - Part I - Gregory Trubetskoy
This three part write up [Part II Part III] is my attempt at a down-to-earth explanation (and Python code) of the Holt-Winters method for those of us who while hypothetically might be quite good at math, still try to avoid it at every opportunity. I had to dive into this subject while tinkering on tgres (which features a Golang implementation). And having found it somewhat complex (and yet so brilliantly simple), figured that it’d be good to share this knowledge, and in the process, to hopefully solidify it in my head as well.
statistics  monitoring  dataviz  data 
4 days ago by horshacktest

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