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isawnyu/pleiades-datasets: Pleiades Datasets 1.0 | Zenodo
The first (and long-awaited) production release of the Pleiades Datasets package. This is a package of data derived from the Pleiades gazetteer of ancient places. It is used for archival and redistribution purposes and is likely to be less up-to-date than the live data at via Pocket
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1 hour ago by kintopp
Academic Torrents
We've designed a distributed system for sharing enormous datasets - for researchers, by researchers. The result is a scalable, secure, and fault-tolerant repository for data, with blazing fast download speeds.
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2 days ago by rachwhatsit
ImageNet: image dataset organized according to the WordNet hierarchy
ImageNet is an image database organized according to the WordNet hierarchy (currently only the nouns), in which each node of the hierarchy is depicted by hundreds and thousands of images. Currently we have an average of over five hundred images per node. We hope ImageNet will become a useful resource for researchers, educators, students and all of you who share our passion for pictures.
data  ai  datasets  images  deeplearning  imageprocessing  recognition  opensource 
2 days ago by cyberchucktx
Become an Expert in Quant Finance
Quantopian provides free education, data, and tools so anyone can pursue quantitative finance.
Select members license their algorithms and share in the profits.
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3 days ago by dicewitch

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