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Defense Innovation Unit Experimental (DIUx) and the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA) are releasing a new satellite imagery dataset to advance key frontiers in computer vision and develop new solutions for national security and disaster response.
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1 hour ago by rrraul
Ministry of Silly Things
Our mission is to organize, curate, and archive the world's silly things. It is very serious business.
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2 days ago by janoewen
What is HappyDB? | HappyDB
"HappyDB is a corpus of 100,000 crowd-sourced happy moments. The goal of the corpus is to advance the state of the art of understanding the causes of happiness that can be gleaned from text."
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3 days ago by aparrish
MNIST database - Wikipedia
Large database of handwritten digits
datasets  nn  ml 
5 days ago by jblocksom
HuMetricsHSS – Rethinking humane indicators of excellence in the humanities and social sciences
Welcome to the home of the Humane Metrics in Humanities and Social Sciences (HuMetricsHSS) initiative. Want to learn more? Get a quick overview, reach out to individual members of the team, read our blog, find us at conferences, follow us on Twitter, or e-mail us! via Pocket
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6 days ago by kintopp

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