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Complete Dataset | Vulnerability Reproduction DataSet
This Vulnerability Reproduction DataSet is created and maintained by Penn State University
vulnerability  test  research  dataset 
3 days ago by lgarron
Open Images Dataset V4
Annotated images with bounding boxes, visual relationships, and image-level labels for 20,000 distinct concepts
data  dataset  training  google  opensource  AI  machinelearning  images  photography 
6 days ago by sachaa
sd2k/ttv: A command line tool for splitting files into test, train, and validation sets.
ttv is a command line tool for splitting large files up into chunks suitable for train/test/validation splits for machine learning. Splits files which are too large to fit into memory.
dataset  analytics  machine-learning  workflow 
7 days ago by mjlassila
In approximately an hour, I will be releasing a of tweets from all U.S. senators, representatives, governo…
dataset  from twitter_favs
9 days ago by lemonodor

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