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In May 2017 Tactical Tech and artist Joana Moll purchased 1 million online dating profiles for 136€ from USDate, a supposedly US-based company that trades in dating profiles from all over the globe.
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5 weeks ago by becky_hogge
Exactis Data Sample -
An example of what Exactis knew about somebody. Redacted.
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july 2018 by dsalo
Data brokers, les courtiers de nos données
Tous les jours, tels de Petits Poucets numériques, nous semons, nous semons, et nous semons encore. Pas des cailloux, mais plutôt des données. Parfois, nous y consentons. Souvent, c’est à notre corps défendant. On le sent, on le sait, la technologie modèle le monde. Elle le change, elle le reformate. Ca va vite, et, il faut bien le dire, on a parfois du mal à suivre le rythme.  

On pourrait tout arrêter et se dire que le futur, c’était mieux avant. Au lieu de ça, chaque samedi, pendant tout l’été, nous essaierons ensemble de jeter de la lumière où elle manque cruellement. Car bien souvent, nos choix technologiques sont des boîtes noires dont il est difficile de percer le secret.  
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july 2018 by sentinelle
Facebook may stop the data leaks, but it’s too late: Cambridge Analytica’s models live on
Long after the training data has been deleted, the models can continue being improved and used to influence future voters.
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april 2018 by mikael
Taibbi on Facebook: Can We Be Saved From the Social Media Giant?
Facebook didn't just use its data to help advertisers place targeted ads. It also used AI-enhanced technology and tools like GPS to track users' information in order to learn more and more about them, all while constantly improving the reach and power of the company's advertising capabilities. In perhaps the creepiest example, Facebook applied for (and received, last year) a patent for a tool called Techniques, for emotion detection and content delivery. It would use the camera in your phone to take pictures of you as you scroll through content. Facebook would then use facial analysis to measure how much you did or did not like the content in question, so as to determine what kind of stuff to send your way. Ideas like this are what make Facebook, at times, feel like a giant blood-engorged tick hanging off your frontal lobe.
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april 2018 by mikael
Exclusive: Facebook CEO stops short of extending European privacy globally
Facebook Inc (FB.O) Chief Executive Mark Zuckerberg said on Tuesday that he agreed “in spirit” with a strict new European Union law on data privacy but stopped short of committing to it as the standard for the social network across the world.
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april 2018 by mikael
What Are 'Data Brokers,' and Why Are They Scooping Up Information About You?
These sites you haven't heard of are sharing boatloads of data about you.
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march 2018 by mikael

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