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Sqorn · A Javascript Library for Building SQL Queries
Impressive convenient syntax using ES6 template strings: FROM `book` RETURN `distinct author` WHERE({genre: 'Fantasy'}). Handles escaping properly too.
database  javascript  software 
15 minutes ago by amitp
Druid | Interactive Analytics at Scale
Druid is primarily used to store, query, and analyze large event streams. Examples of event streams include user generated data such as clickstreams, application generated data such as performance metrics, and machine generated data such as network flows and server metrics. Druid is optimized for sub-second queries to slice-and-dice, drill down, search, filter, and aggregate this data. Druid is commonly used to power interactive applications where performance, concurrency, and uptime are important. Druid was initially created to power a scalable, visual, multi-tenant application where users could not only rapidly slice and dice data to create ad-hoc reports, but also interactively explore data to quickly determine the root cause of patterns and anomalies. Druid is designed from the ground up for sub-second queries, which are critical in interactive applications as usability studies have shown that humans get distracted and lose their train of thought if responses take longer than a second.
analytics  bigdata  database  metrics  realtime  timeseries  iot  internetofthings  events 
45 minutes ago by dlkinney
Postgres EXPLAIN Visualizer (pev)
nice visualizer for postgreSQL requires running an analyzer with JSON output
postgresql  performance  database 
5 hours ago by marionzualo
How to use Eloquent ORM migrations outside Laravel -
New job, new round of bookmarking for tools I'll find useful in the medium term.
laravel  database 
10 hours ago by alasdairw
Simple, modern and fast PostgreSQL client
postgresql  electron  database 
11 hours ago by f440

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