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Failover Architectures: the Infrastructural Excess of the Data Centre Industry
In much the same way that hostile architecture design aims to control how public spaces are used, we are thus finding an increasingly infrastructured hostility toward offline practices [...]

The (mis)alignment between environmentalism and cloud services begins with the elimination of paper tickets and ends with the cashless economy.

With the cloud being increasingly lifestyled and infrastructured into a range of everyday social and economic practices and processes, data centres continue to grow in size. Far from a massive database in the sky, it is the planet’s surface and our everyday lives that are gradually being colonised by the cloud.
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Tim Harford — Article — The world is not as gloomy, or wonderful, as you may think
What should we conclude from all this? One plausible hypothesis is that we form many of our impressions about the world from the priorities of the mass media. That would explain why we are pessimistic about most things, but not about obesity, since television loves skinny people.

A second conclusion is that many of us — citizens, the media and mainstream politicians — need to take more interest in the way the world really is. I hardly need to list the political movements that have travelled from the lunatic fringe to positions of power by reinforcing people’s worst fears. But when your policy platform is built on misperceptions, little good is likely to come of it. Optimism and pessimism both have their merits, but right now the world needs a dose of realism.
2 hours ago by libbymiller bedtime calculator bedtime calculator helps you wake up refreshed by finding the best time to go to sleep.
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