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Bill would end state sale of voters’ data - NewsTimes
A new bill introduced by state Reps. Fred Camillo, R-Greenwich and Brenda Kupchick, R-Fairfield, would limit the disclosure of voter registration data — which includes things birth date, home addresses, party affiliation and more — and prohibit the sale of that data for commercial use.

Connecticut is the only state in the country that allows for the sale of voter registration data for commercial purposes, a vestige of the state’s strong Freedom of Information Act long before electronic privacy became an issue.
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1 hour ago by Weaverbird
The complicated truth about China's social credit system
China's social credit system isn't a world first but when it's complete it will be unique. The system isn't just as simple as everyone being given a score though
china  data 
2 hours ago by terry
House of Commons Divisions -
The House of Commons register their votes on specific motions within debates or in committee by dividing. The results of the vote are referred to as divisions and are recorded in the Official Report (Hansard). In the House of Commons the Speaker calls for a vote by announcing 'Clear the Lobbies'. Division bells ring throughout the building and the police direct anyone who is not a Member to leave the vicinity of the lobbies. They also walk through the public rooms of the House shouting "division". MPs have eight minutes to get to the division lobby before the doors are closed. The division list records how the Members have voted in the Aye and No Lobbies. Tellers count the votes of the division so that they can be printed in Hansard and they are generally available the following day. Party affiliations are not recorded in the division lists.
data  politics  parliament  voting 
3 hours ago by paulbradshaw
Spheres of influences - Reuters Graphics
The World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland hosts just over 3,000 DELEGATES representing 114 COUNTRIES from Jan. 22 to Jan. 25. But with delegates from four countries comprising 50 percent of the total, a handful of nations will wield outsize influence at the elite gathering of world leaders and chief executives.
data  davos  economics  visualisation  graphic 
4 hours ago by fdedic
Paying Users for Their Data Would Exacerbate Digital Inequality – Center for Data Innovation
Writing ever more complicated and intrusive regulations rules about data processing and data use has become the new fad in policymaking. Many are lending an ear to tempting yet ill-advised proposals to treat personal data as traditional finite resource. via Pocket
IFTTT  Pocket  criticism  data  identity  personal  property  rights 
8 hours ago by ChristopherA
Kaggle: Your Home for Data Science
Kaggle is the place to do data science projects
11 hours ago by zryb

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