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Beyond Interactive: Notebook Innovation at Netflix – Netflix TechBlog – Medium
At Netflix, we're reimagining what a Jupyter notebook can be, who can use it, and what they can do with it. And we're investing big to make this vision reality.
platform  data-access  data-tools 
september 2018 by jackhardinges
Flourish | Data Visualisation & Storytelling
Flourish is the most powerful platform for data visualisation and storytelling
dataviz  data-tools 
march 2018 by jackhardinges
EnergySparks • Kumu
This provides attempts to provide an overview of the Energy Sparks application, highlighting the organisations involved and how data and value is exchanged between them.
data-maps  data-tools 
february 2018 by jackhardinges
About Canva
Canva is used and loved by millions
december 2017 by jackhardinges
Plan live journeys in Great Britain on public transport with real-time
routes, travel warnings and disruption impacts, allowing you to alter your
plans as you travel.
data-tools  privacy  personal-data  open-working 
november 2017 by jackhardinges
Airtable - Activities Table
Explore the "Activities Table" view on Airtable.
open-data  gov-data  data-tools 
november 2017 by jackhardinges

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